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Friday, September 04
Cross Country at Lehigh Invitational 6:15 PM
Saturday, September 12
Cross Country vs. Delaware Invitational 10:00 AM
Friday, October 02
Cross Country at Paul Short Invitational at Lehigh 10:00 AM
Saturday, October 10
Cross Country vs. Blue & Gold Invitational at Delaware 10:00 AM
Saturday, October 17
Cross Country at Princeton Invitational 10:00 AM
Saturday, October 31
Cross Country at Colonial Athletic Association Champ. at Coll. of Charleston 11:00 AM
Friday, November 13
Cross Country at NCAA Mid-Atlantic Regionals at Princeton 10:00 AM
Saturday, November 21
Cross Country at NCAA Championships at University of Louisville 10:00 AM
Cross Country at ECAC Championships at New York City 10:00 AM
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