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Name, Position Phone Email
Athletic Director   Return To Top
Eric Ziady, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Services 302-831-4006
Nancy Wick, Administrative Assistant 302-831-4006
Athletic Development / Alumni Relations   Return To Top
Tim Ford, Senior Associate AD for Development 302-831-1075
Phil Tribble, Associate Director of Development 302-831-3177
Kelly Erisman, Director of Annual Giving 302-831-2537
Ellen Reed, Assistant Director of Special Events for Athletics 302-831-0684
Teresa Manniso, Athletics Development & Alumni Relations Intern 302-831-0684
Diana Woodring, Administrative Assistant 302-831-6276
Athletic Training   Return To Top
Dan Watson, Assistant AD/Head Athletic Trainer 302-831-7228
Joan Couch, Associate Head Athletic Trainer 302-831-2255
Brandon DeSantis, Assistant Athletic Trainer 302-831-0565
Nikki Lounsberry, Assistant Athletic Trainer 302-831-0565
Paul Lowry, Assistant Athletic Trainer 302-831-2256
Kelly Stafford, Assistant Athletic Trainer 302-831-2196
Chelsea Best, Graduate Assistant 302-831-0565
Patrick Fava, Graduate Assistant 302-831-8857
Christine Flora, Graduate Assistant 302-831-1238
Emily Henderson, Graduate Assistant 302-831-8857
Nick Jensen, Graduate Assistant 302-831-8857
Lauren Kriebel, Graduate Assistant 302-831-8857
Lindsey Lamond, Graduate Assistant 302-831-8857
Business Operations   Return To Top
Jake Olkkola, Senior Associate AD for Finance and Administration 302-831-1542
Scott Eatough, Associate Director of Athletics, Business Operations 302-831-4506
Tim Anger, Athletics Business Manager 302-831-2251
Kristy Nix, Assistant Athletics Business Manager 302-831-8856
Sandy McFoy, Insurance Coordinator 302-831-4505
Lisa Bishop, Administrative Assistant 302-831-7200
Cheerleading   Return To Top
Rob Ellery, Athletics Spirit Coordinator/Head Cheerleading Coach 302-831-1581
Gillian Guadagnino, Assistant Cheerleading Coach 302-831-1581
Nicole Zehnder, Dance Team Coach 302-831-1581
Compliance   Return To Top
Rick Stumpf, Associate AD for Compliance 302-831-0883
Lauren Harris, Assistant AD for Compliance 302-831-2840
Jason Kesner, Assistant Compliance Coordinator 302-831-7221
Melissa Facciolo, Compliance Intern 302-831-7387
Equipment   Return To Top
Kyle Martinelli, Head Equipment Manager 32-831-4047
Jen Burdette, Assistant Equipment Manager 302-831-8654
Chris Velez, Assistant Equipment Manager 302-831-7344
External Relations   Return To Top
Stacey Bunting-Thompson, Senior Associate AD for External Relations 302-831-4988
Rob Ellery, Athletics Spirit Coordinator/Head Cheer Coach 302-831-1581
Linda Brock, Administrative Assistant 302-831-2724
Facilities   Return To Top
Joe Shirley, Senior Associate AD for Facilities, Operations, and Sports Performance 302-831-8586
Alicia Greco-Walker, Associate AD for Events and Operations 302-831-8660
Frantzer Le Blanc, Assistant AD for Facilities 302-831-0235
David Arthur, Assistant AD for Sports & Entertainment Sales 302-831-1395
Kia Anderson, Sports & Entertainment Sales Coordinator 302-831-8592
Vest Johnson, Associate Director, Bob Carpenter Center 302-831-4014
Danny Neeson, Operations Assistant 302-831-2258
Jake Schrum, Assistant Director, BCC Maintenance/Tech. Coord. 302-831-4125
Donny Cox, Manager, Facilities & Events 302-831-8660
Cliff LaFemina, Event Manager 302-831-0767
Karen Lofthouse, Events Coordinator, Bob Carpenter Center 302-831-4507
Mike Loftus, Assistant Director, Grounds, Facilities & Auxilary Services 302-831-2797
Seth Greenwood, Manager, Grounds Services 302-831-4277
Ice Arena   Return To Top
Jim Kaden, Assistant Director, UD Ice Arenas & Outdoor Pool 302-831-6038
Jeffrey Doucette, Assistant Director, Building Maintenance, Ice Arena 302-831-4634
Eric Nelson, Assistant Director, Ice Operations 302-831-4472
Stas Kukulka, Service Supervisor 302-831-6213
Rob Mullin, Service Supervisor, Ice Arena/Outdoor Pool 302-831-6475
Sally Pruett, Administrative Assistant 302-831-3622
IMG   Return To Top
Open Position, General Manager, Blue Hen IMG Sports Network 302-831-2867
Tim Goldwater, Account Executive, Blue Hens IMG Sports Marketing 302-831-2867
Marketing & Promotions   Return To Top
Kristy Fletcher, Assistant AD for Athletics Marketing & Promotions 302-831-1519
Lauren Baker, Assistant Director of Marketing & Promotions 302-831-6313
Mandie Plowman, Community Outreach Manager 302-831-4826
Media Relations   Return To Top
Scott Selheimer, Assistant AD for Media Relations/SID (FB/MLax/CC & Track) 302-831-8007
Kevin Tritt, Assistant Sports Information Director (MBB/VB/SB/MWGolf) 302-831-8715
Maggie Hayon, Assistant Sports Information Director (WBB/FH/WLax/MWTennis) 302-831-6389
Joe Wirth, Sports Information Assistant (BASE/MWSoccer/MWSwim/Rowing) 302-831-6519
Linda Brock, Administrative Assistant 302-831-2724
Multimedia   Return To Top
Jimmy Smith, Assistant AD for Multimedia 302-831-6675
Nina Raspa, Multimedia Coordinator 302-831-6675
Recreation   Return To Top
Open Position, Associate AD for Recreation Services
Tony Goldston, Assistant Director, Recreation Services, Facilities & Operations 302-831-4267
Adam Jines, Assistant Director, Recreation and Intramurals 302-831-1063
Christine Pena, Assistant Director, Recreation and Fitness 302-831-1582
Cortney Ranck, Assistant Director, Recreation & Marketing 302-831-4198
Bruce Thompson, Assistant Director, Recreation and Club Sports 302-831-6712
Kevin Rose, Operations Coordinator, Recreation 302-831-4118
Whitney Coleman Potts, Fitness Coordinator 302-831-1578
Caitlin Papili, Club Sports Coordinator 302-831-1575
John Hubbard, Service Supervisor, Recreation Services 302-831-8614
Cathy Evans, Recreation Accountant 302-831-0766
Delphine Lewis, Records Specialist, Recreation Services 302-831-6229
Linda Baird, Records Analyst/Recreation & Club Sports 302-831-2259
Staci Truitt, Office Coordinator, Recreation Services 302-831-3210
Deborah Cooper, Carpenter Sports Building Receptionist 302-831-8600
Sports Medicine   Return To Top
Dr. Andrew Reisman, Assistant AD for Sports Medicine 302-831-2482
Dr. Kristopher Fayock, Sports Medicine Physician 302-831-2482
Dr. Bradley Sandella, Sports Medicine Physician 302-831-2482
Leslie Nicholson, Sports Medicine Nurse 302-831-2482
Mary Zagar, RN, Sports Medicine Nurse 302-831-2482
Crystal Galbus, Medical Services Representative 302-831-2482
Kathy Murphy, Medical Services Representative 302-831-2482
Strength & Conditioning   Return To Top
Ted Perlak, Head Coach 302-831-4046
Packer Larson, Assistant Coach 302-831-4046
Eric Neil, Assistant Coach 302-831-4046
Tyler Smith, Assistant Coach 302-831-4046
Trevor Williams, Assistant Coach 302-831-4046
Onazi Agbese, Graduate Assistant 302-831-4046
Student-Athlete Development   Return To Top
Christine Motta, Associate AD for Student-Athlete Development/SWA 302-831-8610
David Baylor, Personal Development Coach 302-831-2949
Student Services for Athletes   Return To Top
Tim Morrissey, Director, Student Services for Athletes 302-831-4571
James Coleman, Assistant Director 302-831-0757
Jessica Spangler, Learning Specialist 302-831-0672
Bridget Burger, Academic Counselor 302-831-7197
Nigel Brown, Academic Counselor 302-831-2550
Brooke McDaniel, Intern 302-831-2748
Elizabeth Smith, Intern 302-831-2748
Marie Severns, Office Coordinator 302-831-2748
Ticket Operations   Return To Top
Jason Cichowicz, Assistant AD for Ticket Operations 302-831-0606
Denita Patrick, Box Office Coordinator 302-831-4497
Barbara Fleming, Season Ticket Manager 302-831-4109
Baseball   Return To Top
Jim Sherman, Head Coach 302-831-8596
Dan Hammer, Associate Head Coach 302-831-2723
Brian Walker, Assistant Coach 302-831-3097
Mel Bacon, Assistant Coach 302-831-8596
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Monté Ross, Head Coach 302-831-2724
Jeff Rafferty, Associate Head Coach 302-831-4262
Chris Cheeks, Assistant Coach 302-831-8045
Phil Martelli, Jr., Assistant Coach 302-831-8662
Saul Rafel-Frankel, Director of Operations 302-831-4344
Chris Vincent, Video Coordinator 302-831-3006
Linda Brock, Administrative Assistant 302-831-2724
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Tina Martin, Head Coach 302-831-8663
Jeanine Radice, Associate Head Coach 302-831-3577
Tom Lochner, Assistant Coach 302-831-4044
Tiara Malcom, Assistant Coach 302-831-4915
Allison Daly, Director of Operations 302-831-4995
Linda Brock, Administrative Assistant 302-831-2724
Cross Country   Return To Top
Wendy McFarlane, Head Coach 302-831-8738
Kevin Cataldo, Assistant Coach 302-831-3684
Field Hockey   Return To Top
Rolf van de Kerkhof, Head Coach 302-831-6721
Beth Maddox, Associate Head Coach 302-831-0881
Kim Kinsella, Assistant Coach 302-831-0881
Missy Arenz, Volunteer Assistant Coach 302-831-0881
Football   Return To Top
Dave Brock, Head Coach 302-831-2253
Sean Devine, Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach 302-831-8581
Dennis Dottin-Carter, Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach 302-831-4045
Tim Weaver, Co-Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach 302-831-8656
Brian Ginn, Quarterbacks Coach 302-831-6099
Bryan Bossard, Wide Receivers Coach 302-831-8658
Tony Lucas, Running Backs Coach 302-831-8655
Eddie Allen, Special Teams Coordinator/Tight Ends Coach 302-831-2254
Henry Baker, Cornerbacks Coach 302-831-8657
Tom McEntire, Safeties Coach 302-831-2949
Mark Bailey, Defensive Quality Control 302-831-0682
Bobby Sabol, Offensive Quality Control 302-831-8132
Jerry Oravitz, Associate Director of Athletics for Football Administration 302-831-4431
David Baylor, Player Development 302-831-2949
Jude Moser, Administrative Assistant 302-831-2949
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Mike Keogh, Head Coach 302-831-0682
Patrick Aylward, Assistant Coach 302-831-0682
Tommy Ellison, Assistant Coach 302-831-0682
Women's Golf   Return To Top
Patty Post, Head Coach 302-831-6678
Brendon Post, Assistant Coach 302-831-6678
Men's Lacrosse   Return To Top
Bob Shillinglaw, Head Coach 302-831-8661
Byron Collins, Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator 302-831-3626
Noah Fossner, Assistant Coach 302-831-3626
Alec Jernstedt, Volunteer Coach 302-831-3626
Women's Lacrosse   Return To Top
Kateri Linville, Head Coach 302-831-4057
Sarah Armour, Assistant Coach 302-831-0880
Corrine Drost, Assistant Coach 302-831-4875
Rowing   Return To Top
Kevin Gruber, Head Coach 302-831-0882
Ryan Hurley, Assistant Coach 302-831-4844
Courtney Levering, Asst. Coach 302-831-4844
Men's Soccer   Return To Top
Ian Hennessy, Head Coach 302-831-8603
Jon Scheer, Assistant Coach 302-831-0261
Keith Duncan, Assistant Coach 302-831-0261
Matt Haney, Assistant Coach 302-831-0261
Women's Soccer   Return To Top
Scott Grzenda, Head Coach 302-831-8915
Rachel Chupein, Assistant Coach 302-831-0231
Brian Sprinkle, Assistant Coach 302-354-3123
Kim Fearnbach, Volunteer Assistant Coach 302-831-0231
Softball   Return To Top
Jaime Wohlbach, Head Coach 302-831-8608
Sarah Maulorico, Assistant Coach 302-831-1071
John Seneca, Assistant Coach 302-831-5608
Lara Andrews, Assistant Coach 302-831-5608
Men's Swim & Dive   Return To Top
John Hayman, Head Coach 302-831-8604
Brian Payne, Diving Coach 302-831-0607
Pablo Marmolejo, Assistant Coach 302-831-0207
Douglas Copper, Assistant Coach 302-831-0207
Women's Swim & Dive   Return To Top
John Hayman, Head Coach 302-831-8604
Brian Payne, Diving Coach 302-831-0607
Pablo Marmolejo, Assistant Coach 302-831-0207
Douglas Copper, Assistant Coach 302-831-0207
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Chris Hincker, Head Coach 302-831-8651
Vince Maximo, Assistant Coach 302-831-8651
Adam Lawton, Undergraduate Student Assistant Coach 302-831-8651
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Laura Travis, Head Coach 302-831-8651
Vince Maximo, Assistant Coach 302-831-8651
Adam Lawton, Undergraduate Student Assistant Coach 302-831-8651
Track & Field - Indoor   Return To Top
Wendy McFarlane, Head Coach 302-831-8738
Kevin Cataldo, Assistant Coach 302-831-3684
Terence Gadson, Assistant Coach 302-831-8738
Eddie Kolofer, Assistant Coach 302-831-8738
Marlene McIlhenny, Assistant Coach 302-831-8738
Larry Pratt, Assistant Coach 302-831-8738
Track & Field - Outdoor   Return To Top
Wendy McFarlane, Head Coach 302-831-8738
Kevin Cataldo, Assistant Coach 302-831-3684
Terence Gadson, Assistant Coach 302-831-8738
Eddie Kolofer, Assistant Coach 302-831-8738
Marlene McIlhenny, Assistant Coach 302-831-8738
Larry Pratt, Assistant Coach 302-831-8738
Volleyball   Return To Top
Bonnie Kenny, Head Coach 302-831-8606
Cindy Gregory, Associate Head Coach 302-831-2090
Ryan Newell, Assistant Coach 302-831-7198
Dana Griskowitz, Director of Operations 302-831-0250
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