Pull Ups

Time: Whenever the Little Bob is open!

Compete for the chance to be named "Top Hen". Top scores will be posted throughout the week on the whiteboard and on social media. Winner names and pictures will be announced on social media and prizes will be awarded.

All participants will also be entered into a raffle to win a fitness service package!



1.     Participants must have a UD Fitness staff member weigh them before they begin the pull-ups.

2.     There are 7 weight class categories for both males and females.

3.     For the weigh-in, participants must take off their shoes.

5.     The pull-up competition will take place on the TRACK floor on the Synergy 360.

6.     The pull-up bar is a straight bar, located on the front corner closest to the staff closet.

7.     A staff member will stand beside the participant to adjust the bungee cord and check that the chin is over the bar.

8.     Once the elbows are locked out and thighs are touching the bungee, the staff member will signal “GO.”

9.     The participant will then pull-up, getting his/her chin over the bar.

10.   The staff member will count the repetitions aloud.

11.   “No rep” will be used for incomplete pull-ups.

12.   Participants can attempt the pull-up competition once per day but multiple times during the week.

13.  The individuals who can do the most pull-ups in his/her weight class will be the winners.


Official Rules:

1.      Participant will begin in the starting position- hanging from the bar with body straight, legs crossed.

2.      A staff member will adjust the bungee cord so that it is touching the thighs, just above the knee.  

3.      Grasp the handles with your palms facing away, ensuring you have a firm grip.

4.      Starting position: Arms should be fully extended, elbows locked, the body straight and motionless, legs touching the bungee cord.

5.      Staff member will say “GO” to signal the start of the pull-ups.

6.      Begin by raising yourself so that your chin is over the bar.

7.      Lower yourself until your arms are fully extended and knees touch the bungee cord. This is one repetition.

8.      The staff member will count aloud the repetition. Repeat this motion, performing as many reps as possible.

9.      You may attempt the competition as many times as you would like during the week, but only once per day.

10.  The staff member’s count and decisions on good repetitions are final.


Causes for Disqualification of a Pull-Up:

1.      Failure to get your chin over the bar.

2.      Not touching the bungee with your legs.

3.      Not fully extending your arms.

4.      Letting your hands go of the bar.