Time:  Whenever the Little Bob is open, M-F

How to Enter:  Just tell a fitness staff member you want to participate   



1. Participants must have a UD Fitness staff member weigh them in before they attempt the 1-minute sit-up test.

2.  For the weigh-in, participants must take off their shoes.

3. The participant will assume a proper sit up position (sitting upright, soles of the feet together in butterfly position)

                                i.            The use of 171A is permitted to check participant’s form in the mirror

4. The judge will ready the 1 minute timer and signal “Ready, GO.”

5. The judge will count the reps aloud as the participant touches his/her feet.

                                i.           Indication of a rep that does not count will be called: “no rep”

6. The participant must touch his/her hands on the floor over the head on the way down and touch the feet on the way up.

7. Participants may rest in the up position during the 1-minute test.

8. Participants can attempt the sit-up test as many times as they wish (ex: every day of the week, multiple times during the day).

9. Staff members will use a timer counting down 60 seconds.

10. The individuals who can do the most sit ups per minute in his/her weight class will be the winners.

14. There are 7 weight class categories for both males and females.


Official Rules

1. Participant must start sitting upright with soles of feet together in a butterfly position and wait for the judge to signal “Ready, GO.”

2. Abs mat is on the floor under the natural curve of the lower back.

  • The thickest part of the abs mat is closest to the hips, facing the feet. 

3. Hand placement will be as follows: Hands around the head with fingers laced.

4. Participant will lower body towards the ground until shoulders and both hands touch the floor.

5. On the way up, the participant must sit upright with shoulders above hips and spine extended

6. Participant must touch the soles of the feet with both hands in order to complete the sit-up.

7. Staff member will count reps aloud as the participant touches hands with the feet.

  • Failure to touch either the ground or shoelaces will be determined by the staff member who will indicate this by saying “no rep"

8. The total number of completed reps in 60-seconds is the final score


Causes for Disqualification for a Sit-Up:

1. Failure to touch the floor with hands behind the head on the downward portion of the sit-up

2. Failure to touch the feet/shoes on the upward portion

3. Failure to reach a full sit up position with shoulders above hips and spine extended