Time:                    Whenever the Little Bob is open, Monday-Friday!

How to Enter:       Just tell a fitness staff member you want to participate   


Compete for the chance to be named "Top Hen". Top scores will be posted throughout the week on the whiteboard and on social media. Winner names and pictures will be announced on social media the following week and prizes will be awarded.

Anyone who breaks an existing Top Hen record will be entered in to win the Grand Prize. 




1.      For the weigh-in, participants must take off their shoes.

2.      The participant will get in proper deadlift position with arms straight, hands on the bar (any grip is acceptable) and feet shoulder/hip width apart.

3.      Once in position, the staff member will say “GO.”

4.      Once the bar is held motionless and the lifter is in an apparent finished position, the staff member will say “DOWN.

5.      The participant must let the bar down without an exaggerated drop.

6.      Participants will complete a 1 rep maximum of the deadlift.

7.  Participants can attempt the deadlift as many times as they wish (ex: every day of the week, multiple times during the day).

8.  The individuals who can deadlift the most weight in his/her weight class will be the winners.

9.  There are 7 weight class categories for both males and females.


Official Rules

 1. The bar must be laid horizontally in front of the lifter’s feet, gripped with an optional grip in both hands, and lifted until the lifter is standing completely upright.

2. The bar must be lifted until the lifter is standing completely upright

3. No sumo-deadlifts allowed, only conventional pull deadlifts

4. Bar must be lifted off the ground. The bar and/or the lifter may NOT be standing on plates.


5. The bar may stop on the way up but there must be no downward motion of the bar.

6. On completion of the lift, the knees shall be locked in a straight position and the lifter shall be standing in his or her normal upright posture.

7. The bar must be lowered to the ground, not dropped.

8. Once the participant is in the starting position, the staff member will say “GO.”

9. Once the bar is held motionless and the lifter is in an apparent finished position, the staff member will say “DOWN”.

10. The participant must lower the bar with both hands to the ground, maintaining control of the bar.

11. Participants may not DROP the bar from an upright position.

12. Wraps/straps are not permitted.

 13. The use of chalk and/or belts is allowed.


Causes for Disqualification of a Deadlift:

 1. Any downward motion of the bar before it reaches the final position.

 2. Failure to stand upright and achieve normal walking posture.

 3. Failure to lock the knees straight at the completion of the lift.

 4. Supporting the bar on the thighs during the performance of the lift.

 5. Movement of the feet laterally, backward, or forward that would constitute a step or stumble.

 6. Lowering the bar to the floor before receiving the staff member’s command of “down”.

 7. Dropping the bar to the floor without maintaining control with both hands after being given the staff member’s “down” signal.

8. Sumo-deadlift.