Time:                     Whenever the Little Bob is open!

How to Enter:       Just tell a fitness staff member you want to participate   

Compete for the chance to be named "Top Hen". Top scores will be posted throughout the week on the whiteboard and on social media. Winner names and pictures will be announced on social media the following week and prizes will be awarded.

All participants will also be entered into a raffle to win a fitness service package! 


1.  Participants must have two UD Fitness staff members weigh them in and judge the squat.

2.  For the weigh-in, participants must take off their shoes.

3. There will be NO spotters used for the squat. All squats must take place in one of the power racks with the safety bars. If a participant cannot lift the weight, he/she must bail out by dropping the bar behind them onto the safety bars.

4. The participant will get in proper squat position with elbows under the hands, hands on the bar, bar on the meaty part of the back, and feet shoulder/hip width apart.

5. One staff member will be judging from either side of the squat rack.

6. If the staff member sees the participant in a compromising position, they MUST tell the participant to stop. (i.e. Knees over the toes, chest bent over, uneven bar, knees collapsing inward, etc.)

7. Once the participant is in the proper position, bar off the rack, standing in an upright position, the staff member judging may tell the participant to start the lift, signaling “SQUAT”.

8. The participant must come all the way down, past parallel for the lift to count.

9. The staff member judging will signal “UP” to the participant once they have reached that point so that the participant knows that they have gone past parallel and can start to come up.

10. The participant must then come up to full extension in the knees.

11. Once the participant is in full extension, the staff member judging will signal “RACK”. The lift is then complete and the spotter can then help the participant re-rack his/her bar.

12. Participants can attempt the squat as many times as they wish (ex: every day of the week, multiple times during the day).

13. The individuals who can squat the most weight in his/her weight class will be the winners.

14. There are 7 weight class categories for both males and females.


Official Rules:

1. Hands and fingers must grip the bar positioned in the rack stance with a “thumbs around” grip. This position shall be maintained throughout the lift.

2. After correctly positioning him/herself, the lifter may enlist the help of the spotter in removing the bar from the racks.

3. After removing the bar from the racks, with or without the help of the spotter, the lifter shall wait with knees locked, feet flat on the floor, and chest up.

4. The staff member will signal “GO”.

5. The lifter must lower down to a squat position.

a. The hip crease must be lower than the knee caps

b. The lifter must break parallel with the thigh

c. Feet should be flat on the floor  

6.  Once achieving this position, the staff member will signal the audible command “UP”.

7. The lifter must then return to a full stance with knees and hips locked, heels flat on the ground with no excessive and immoderate movement of the bar.

8. When held motionless in this position the audible command “RACK” shall be given together with a step forward to re-rack the weights.

9. Once completed, the spotter may then help the lifter re-rack the bar.

10. One staff member will be judging from either side of the lifter. Two staff members are needed for this competition.

11.  The use of chalk, knee braces, and/or belts is allowed.


Causes for Disqualification of a Squat:

1. Any downward motion of the bar before signaling the start of the squat.

2. Failure to stand upright and achieve normal walking posture.

3. Failure to lock the knees straight at the completion of the lift.

4. Failure to come all the way down, past parallel before beginning to come up again.

5. Movement of the feet laterally, backward, or forward that would constitute a step or stumble.

6. Re-racking the bar before the staff member says “rack”.


Video Option:

1. If you feel that the depth of your squat may be in question, you may have a friend or another participant video your squat form. Videos must be taken from the side of the lifter, clearly showing squat depth.

The video can then be sent to cklimik@udel.edu for the final decision.