Welcome to the second installment of This is How I Train.

Every Tuesday and Thursday during the preseason, we will feature a member of the Blue Hen football team and learn a little more about what motivates them to excel.

Senior • Center • York, Pa. (West York HS) • Management Information Systems (MIS)

The offense all begins with the center and the Blue Hens could not be in better hands than with fifth-year senior Brody Kern over the ball. A fourth-year starter and a , Kern will serve as a team co-captain with Charles Bell and Troy Reeder this fall. One of the top offensive linemen in the Colonial Athletic Association and an All-American candidate as one of the nation's top centers, Kern is a two-time All-CAA selection and earned second team honors as a junior in 2016. He has started all 33 games of his career and enters 2017 season having started a team-high 28 straight games.

Three words that best describe me: Humble ("I cherish what I have and anything I get I don't brag about it"). Genuine ("what you see is what you get"). Leader ("I like to set the tone and not be a follower").

What makes a great captain?: "I think a captain can be defined in multiple ways. You definitely have to have leadership qualities but you have to be someone who always does the right thing. You don't have to be the guy who talks a lot - that's not me. I think you can be the type that people look up to, aspire to be, and follow. You have to want to be successful, whether its on the field or in the classroom."

What will success mean to you this season?: "As a team, making it to the postseason and competing for a conference championship is the goal that all of us have. No one on this team has competed for a championship so that is definitely the goal. When we get there, we will surprise a lot of people. We have so many guys (20 seniors) so this is it for us."

Why is the center position so important?: "We are the leader of the o-line. We make the calls and we set the starting point for everybody. I make the calls and then the other guys make their calls from what I say. Every play starts with us up front. If I don't snap the ball to the quarterback, the play is dead and nothing matters. Other than the quarterback, I think its the most important job in the field. It all starts with us."

Talk about (offensive line coach) Blaine McCorkle?: "Coach is a very open guy, genuine, and honest. He tells you what he thinks whether you want to hear it or not. We all love that about him. He is a player's guy, very personable. We spend a lot of our meetings just talking and getting to know each other better. It's suprising, I am finding new things out about guys I've known for a couple of years, just because we are taking the time to do it. We (offensive line) have to be a close group and we need to trust each other. We love going into meetings with him."

My favorite thing about preseason camp: "Just being around all the guys on the team 24-7. It stinks being in the dorms and not sleeping in your own bed, but it brings everyone closer, especially with so many news guys on the team. Just being around the entire group makes you forget we have so many days ahead before we start playing against someone else. It's a good time."

So what's this about hummus? "It's my favorite snack. I never even heard of it before I came to Delaware. I was in Trabant (Student Center) one day and someone at the table was eating it with pretzels. It looked terrible, but I tried it and it was really good. Now, everytime I go to the grocery story I buy a little pack with crackers. It's really good...and healthy!"

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