Building Leaders Utilizing Education (BLUE) is a four-year educational leadership program focusing on: health & wellness, personal success, community engagement, diversity and inclusion, and career preparation. Students will be engaged in a number of programs, workshops, and activities to assist in building personal, group and community leadership skills from their first year as a Blue Hen through graduation. The program is mandatory for all student-athletes and Club Sport leaders.  Each academic class is assigned to a specific set of workshops that they participate in every year.

When are programs, activities, and workshops offered?
BLUE programming is provided in the fall and then duplicated again in the spring semester, mostly during evening hours, with the intention of students attending in their non-championship season.

How will you track attendance?
Programs are mandatory for student-athletes, and student-athletes should bring their UDID cards for swipe entry. Upon completion of the workshop/program, a report is created listing participants, which assists in monitoring their overall progress.

How do you evaluate and assess the programs?
Post-activity evaluations and end of year evaluations will help us evaluate our programming and make it better each year.

How does it benefit student-athletes?
It helps students navigate their own leadership identity from self-awareness to influential community leadership. The workshops provide students a vast number of resources and tools to assist them in per-sonal and professional development. In addition, students have reflection opportunities to think critically about their own development, making them more attractive employees upon graduation!

New Leadership Program Will Help Ensure Blue Hens Are Ready to Fly the Coop After Graduation