Club Women's Ice Hockey

Spirit of the Game

When asked to describe our team, our players said it is about teamwork, spirit, dedication, and heart. While we have had great success in the past few years, we understand that winning isn't everything. We enjoy the game no matter what the outcome. We always hold our heads high and display great sportsmanship at every game.

Organizational Meeting(s)

We don't hold regular meetings, but prospective players can set up a meeting with the coach and a few players whenever they are available.


We only accept women. In the past, our team size has varied from 17 to 25 players. Anyone is welcome to play for us, experience is not necessary. The club has never had to make cuts in the past, but we may need to in the future if our popularity rises.

Practice Information

We practice twice a week, usually Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 10:30, beginning in October. Our last week of practice is usually mid-February.

National and/or Regional Affiliation

We are a sport club and are recognized and participate in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). The ACHA is a nationwide intercollegiate hockey program in which over 300 men's and women's teams participate. We also participate in the DVCHC (Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference) which consists of other ACHA teams in close geographic proximity to us. These teams include: University of Maryland, University of Virginia, American University, University of Pennsylvania, West Chester, IUP, Villanova, and Drexel.

Membership Requirements

Attendance at practices and games is very important, and therefore our team has a strict attendance policy. We practice twice a week for an hour and usually have one or two games a weekend. Players are responsible for paying dues each season, which is determined at the beginning of the season.

Equipment Required

Some equipment can be provided on a first come, first served basis for new players interested in trying ice hockey. The equipment will be lent to them by our coaches and various players for the season. Experienced players must provide their own.