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Class Cancellations 

For all fitness class cancellations due to bad weather conditions or other reasons, please check the Campus Recreation Hours page. Real time updates will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter


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FREE Spring Break Fitness Classes 

Going to be on campus during Spring Break? Join us everyday at 12:00pm from March 30 - April 2 for a FREE fitness class. Spring Break Fitness Class Schedule


Kettlebell Small Group Training

This 60 minute small group class will give fast results for strength, endurance and muscle toning by challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular systems with dynamic, total body movements. 


Lift Like a Girl

This popular class is back for round 2! Learn to perform squats, lunges, chest presses, arm exercises, and more like a pro. Registration will open at 9:00am on Friday, March 20. Limited space available so sign up asap to secure a spot! 


Spring Fitness Class Schedule

Spring fitness classes start Monday, February 9 and run through Monday, May 18. 


BodyPump Certification

 1. NEW Les Mills instructors must CREATE AN ACCOUNT: 

 2. Go to Certification Training Registration:


 3. You will receive a 25% discount online.  In order to do so, affiliate yourself to our facility (University of Delaware) through the Instructor portal account under the FACILITIES tab for the code to work. Once the affiliation is accepted, it takes 24hrs for the system to sync. Then the Instructor can use the code.

 4. Your discount code is: UNIVDEL25  

 (Remember that it takes 24 hours for your information to sync your affiliation before the code applies)


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