Class Descriptions  





Cardio-Muscle: This intense cardio step and strength training workout will get your blood pumping and your body toned using the step, hand weights, and more! It is a combination of step routines and weight training intervals. Cardio Muscle is  a must for any fitness program, and all fitness levels are welcome!


Cycle: A great option for anyone looking to cross-train and increase cardiovascular endurance! Cycle your way to a better body! Please arrive early if you need help with your bike set up. Classes are 60, 55, or 45 minutes in length.

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Power Interval Cycle: This high-energy class incorporates all the fun of cycle in a 45-minute interval training format. With mixtures of tabata and HIIT,  you'll be sure to blast extra calories while toning your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and core. Get your heart rate up, and reboot your metabolism to exciting music and drills!



Barre Burn: This class blends ballet, pilates, and aerobics for a total body workout that leaves no muscle untouched. Ballet/dance experience is not required.

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Zumba: This is a fun, high energy, and easy to follow dance workout. With the music blasting and disco lights spinning, you'll forget that you are even exercising! Classes are 60 or 45 minutes in length.



20-20-20: This class has it all! Get it all in and take your fitness to the next level with 20 minutes of Cardio, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of abs and stretching. You will use your own bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, gliding discs, and much more. 

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Cardio Sport: This class "is a comprehensive group fitness adventure that uniquely integrates interval training techniques with compound sports-related movements in an unparalleled inspiring exercise environment. It is the most comprehensive conditioning system in the market today. What separates Cardio Sport from any other fitness product is its unique ability to provide a targeted wellness plan that compliments any fitness enthusiast.  Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, only Cardio Sport delivers an exercise experience that will elevate every participant’s overall health and fitness, and provide a motivational atmosphere that drives you to consistency.”

CXWORX: Brought to you by Les Mills (the makers of BodyPump) this 30 minute core class really targets the muscles on the torso and core! It’s ideal for tightening your belly and backside, while improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention.

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HIIT & Boxing: This class combines kickboxing drills and combos, calisthenics, core work, and HIIT to add power and endurance to your workout routine! This class provides an intense, calorie burning aerobic workout for all fitness levels! Ab work is included!

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METCON: Short for “Metabolic Conditioning”, is a total body circuit style class that combines the following effective and fun fitness techniques: interval training, strength training, cardio, and a mix of anaerobic and aerobic conditioning drills. Exercises are performed with Tabata, HIIT, and timed intervals that work together to improve your metabolism, strengthen and create lean muscle tone, and blast away fat. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels!




Power Yoga: Expect a workout that stimulates all muscle groups and internal organs of the body! The focus of this yoga class in put on the vinyasa flow sequences followed by variations of asanas (yoga poses). This class unites the art of movement and breath, helping you flow through each pose and you build strength and clear your mind! Mats provided, but feel free to bring your own. 

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Slow Burn Yoga: Set to soothing music, this variation of vinyasa yoga uses breath as a guide to focus your attention inward. From slower progressive sequences, to longer holding postures, body and mind are connected in a state of calm intensity. The class encourages you to explore all benefits of each posture while finding your personal balance of challenge and release. 

Stress Less Yoga: Come breathe, move, and meditate your stress away! This class is a full-body sequence of postures for beginners to advanced practitioners and is recommended for anyone who wants to strengthen and balance their mind and body. Mats are provided but personal yoga mats are always welcome.


Yin Yang Yoga: A strengthening vinyasa sequence that is focused on the connection between breath and body. This class starts with flowing, powerful poses to increase the internal temperature and end with long yin postures to stretch and cool down the body. Yin yang yoga is a challenging class that will take your body  to the edge and clear your mind! 

Vinyasa Yoga: Similar to Power Yoga, with an emphasis on power, flow, meditation, and strength! Leave class feeling both relaxed and invigorated.

Yoga: This class integrates yoga asanas  (yoga postures)  with breathing techniques (pranayama) and  deep relaxation. Special attention is given to increase the flexibility and strengthen the spine and hip areas. Emphasis is placed in holding postures for maximum benefit and mindfulness during practices. The goal is at the end of the class one leaves feeling light, energized, and relaxed. 





BODYPUMP: The original 55 or 45 minute barbell weight class that builds strength and pushes you to the limit every time. Shapes and tones muscles, improves general fitness, increases bone density and blasts away fat! Great music, awesome instructors, and your choice of weights will help you sculpt your way to the body of your dreams!

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Butts N' Guts: Strengthen, tone, and condition your "backside," legs, and core! Get ready for body weight exercises, plyometric drills, and some weight training.

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Core Intervals: This 50 minute class trains the entire body with a main focus on core strengthening. The core muscles stabilize the spine, pelvis, and shoulders while providing a solid foundation for movement in the arms and legs. Combining power moves with weight training and stability exercises, you’ll be sure to see results in no time!  Expect to do plyometrics and use a range of equipment from stability balls, weights, and much more!

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Kettlebell: Experience a new form of resistance training with the kettlebell. This total body workout will train you to use a variety of kettlebell exercises to boost strength, develop lean muscle, ignite your metabolism, and help you burn fat both during and AFTER the workout.

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Pilates-Tone: Experience Pilates in a whole new way! You will use equipment such as the BOSU, weights, and bands to add a new element to traditional Pilates movements. This class will strengthen and tone your body while focusing on core stability.

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UD Fitness and Recreation reserves the right to adjust the schedule based on class attendance, holidays, semester breaks, and special events.
For safety reasons, participants must arrive at class NO LATER than 10 minutes after the class start time. (i.e. If a class starts at 5:15pm, participants will not be allowed to enter the class after 5:25pm)