Intramural Champions - 2010/2011

FALL 2010
Men's I Hate Michael Cayne
Coed We're Backkk
Outdoor Soccer
Men's Blue SSC
Men's Gold Jamaican Me Crazy
Men's White Twine Show
Women's Scrum of the Earth
Coed Gold Energy Expenditure High
Coed White Rodjects
Flag Football
Men's Blue Team Stoody
Men's Gold Boozehounds
Men's White Little Giants
Coed HPL
Men's Sixpacked
Coed Blue Bump Set Skeet
Coed Gold Damn you, Alaska
Coed White Ballzinyaface
Women's XXX
3on3 Basketball
Men's Blue Jeddy Cucumbers
Men's Gold L.I.K.E.M
Men's White Russell E1
Coed Black Magic
Women's HPL
Swim Meet
50 Free Women's

27.12 01-02

50 Free Men's 23.84 01-02    
50 Back Women's 31.09 05-06    
50 Back Men's 28.84 09-10    
50 Breast Women's 36.98 08-09    
50 Breast Men's 30.53 01-02    
50 Fly Women's 30.06 05-06    
50 Fly Men's 21.70 09-10    
100 Free Women's 1.10.34 04-05    
100 Free Men's 55.64 06-07    
100 Back Women's 1.12.37 05-06    
100 IM Women's 1.07.21 05-06    
100 IM Men's 1.04.43 03-04    
200 Free Men's 2.18.60 06-07    
200 Back Men's 2.31.40 03-04    
200 Medley Women's 2.34.78 04-05    
200 Medley Men's 2.12.95 06-07    
200 Medley Coed 2.12.71 05-06    
200 Free Relay Women's 2.08.34 03-04    
200 Free Relay Men's 1.48.45 06-07    
200 Free Relay Coed 1.58.28 05-06    
500 Free Women's 5.56.21 05-06    
500 Free Men's 5.29.89 08-09    
Mile Men's 27.34.78 03-04    
Most Laps 92 03-04    
Men's Blue Jeddy Cucumbers
Men's Gold IKE
Men's White Child Pleez
Coed Madison Square Garden
Indoor Soccer
Men's Blue Illadelph
Men's Gold Kershaw Ballers
Coed Blue Bioms
Coed Gold Vamos a la Playa
Men's Blue Horseshoe
Coed Blue Snowball Scientists
Coed Gold Pink Dragons
4on4 Court Dodgeball
Men's Fellowship of the Ball
Coed HPL
Men's Blue Run n Gun
Men's Gold Ballhawks
Men's White Points in the Paint
Coed Blue Shotcallers
Coed Gold Team Hardwood
Coed White GR Roll
Women's Nothing but Nets
Men's Blue Betta Yettas
Men's White Jesus Shuttlesworth
Women's Kalamazoo
Coed Blue Ball Busters
Coed Gold Ballz to the Wallz
Indoor Soccer
Men's Blue Mandingos
Men's Gold Los Locos Conejos
Men's White Magic Pony La La Land
Coed Blue Cell Block
Coed Gold Team B
Coed White Bad News Bears
Men's Blue Team Nahan
Men's Gold Steam Rollers
Men's White Delaware Browns
Coed Blue We Got the Runs
Coed White Blue Pumpkins
4on4 Court Dodgeball
Men's Blue Team Lockout
Men's Gold Burmeister Bullies
Women's B3 1
Coed 2 Balls 1 Cup
Outdoor Volleyball
Men's Blue Sixpacked
Men's Gold Good Posture
Men's White L3
Coed Blue Hitting Bricks
Coed Gold Itsy Bitsy Spikers
Coed White Thunder
Flag Football Tournament
Men's Blue Speed Killz
Men's Gold Boozehounds
Coed Team Awesome
Men's Mohns, Lisowski
Coed Sipple, Owens
Men's Blue Chris Henderson
Men's White Alex Greer
Men's Blue Singles Ian Levy
Men's White Singles Kieran Lang
Women's Singles Jennifer Bachner
Men's Doubles David Moskowitz, Michael Lazarus
Coed Doubles Will Scali, Jennifer Bachner