Club Field Hockey

Spirit of the Game

Being involved in a sport club combines every great part of playing a sport. We are very competitive and take games very seriously but we also do not have the stress and pressure involved in varsity sports. Everyone plays for the love of the game. "We only do it for the scars and stories, not the fame."

Organizational Meeting(s)

In September, we hold our annual open meeting for new players, with information on the team and tryout dates. In the meantime, if you are interested you can Email one of the officers listed below.


The amount of players that we take varies each semester. We currently have 40 players on the roster, however, not all of the players are always active members. Many students take semesters off because of rigorous course schedules, jobs, or major requirements. Our biggest tryout and selection time is at the beginning of each fall semester. In the past, we usually have had anywhere from 30-60 players tryout and usually pick anywhere from 5-10 players to join the team. We also have informal tryouts available in the spring semester where 1-2 players are generally chosen.

The majority of our team is female, however men are encouraged to tryout. However, the league regulations state that only two male players are allowed on the field at one point (not including the goalie).

Practice Information

Practices are held three times a week at Rullo Stadium. Our practices are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and run from 6:30-8:00 pm.

In the fall, which is our predominant season, games are held either once or twice a weekend, including tournaments. Most of the games are held within a two hour driving limit of UD, but it often takes up the whole day to play a game including travel.

National and/or Regional Affiliation

We are part of the National Field Hockey League (NFHL) , Northern Division. There are over 70 teams in the league from all over the east coast.

Membership Requirements

Any player chosen at tryouts will not have to re-tryout from year to year. Players are on the team roster until graduation unless they decide to quit the team. However, that does not mean that each player has to be active every semester. Active members are players that attend practices, play in games, and plan on being a full-time member of the team. Active players are expected to attend practice during the week and games on the weekends. Players must attend two practices during the week of a game in order to play in the game that weekend. Practice attendance will also influence playing time.

Dues are also required at the beginning of every semester. Although the amount changes each semester, the average amount per semester for each player is $40.

Equipment Required

Along with dues, players cover the cost of their uniform top and socks. Shirts are personalized with last names. Uniform kilts are property of the team and are handed in at the end of each year to be redistributed next fall. Other costs that are optional include costs for apparel such as: hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, and rugbys.

Players are responsible for their own equipment including shin guards, shoes, stick, and mouth guard. The club has their own cages, cones, and balls.