Club Men's Ultimate Disc

Spirit of the Game

The spirit of the game refers to the individual competitors' obligation to attempt to participate according to the rules followed and not try to bend the rules in order to benefit themselves or the team. In Ultimate Frisbee, each game is self-officiated and players will make their own calls (e.g. fouls, out-of-bounds, picks, travels, etc.). The spirit of the game is the unofficial contract players follow that they will make their own calls because they believe an offense was committed (not just to benefit their team).


Men's ultimate recruits male players and the women's ultimate team recruits women. We accept any number of players, but will split into A and B teams before the end of the Fall semester.

Practice Information

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-6pm at the Frazier Fields by the Carpenter Sports Building (CSB).

National and/or Regional Affiliation

Ultimate Players Association (UPA)

Membership Requirements

Attending practices during the weekdays and tournaments over the weekend are expected. Must register during the spring semester on the UPA as a college Ultimate player. Payment is $30.

Equipment Required

You are responsible for providing your own cleats. Required to purchase jerseys, and pay for personal items during tournaments such as food.