Club Men's Volleyball


The University of Delaware Men’s Club Volleyball Team are NCVF National Champions of 2017

Team Description

The Men's Club Volleyball team is comprised of competitive volleyball players that hail from all around the country including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware to name a few. There are two teams - an A and a B team. The A team consists of the upper echelon of the players, and competes at the National Championships every April. The B team is for aspiring volleyball players who want to better themselves to one day move up to A team and compete at the National Championships. This is the largest and last tournament of the year in which approximately 250 teams partake. The club is looking for players who have a passion for playing the game of volleyball and can remain committed to the club throughout the year. When not in practice, club members enjoy playing competitive pick-up games on the green, and on Harrington Beach as well.


National and/or Regional Affiliation

The Men's Club Volleyball team is a member of the Eastern Collegiate Volleyball Association (ECVA) which is the club conference in the region. The team is also a member of the National Collegiate Volleyball Federation (NCFV)


Membership Requirements

Dues can range from $150-$250 a semester depending on the size of the roster, the amount of fundraising, whether you are on A or B team, and other annual expenditures (membership and tournament fees, jersey and equipment fees). It is encouraged to participate in weight-training and cardio activities as a supplement to the scheduled practice times to achieve a high level of fitness, which will improve your skills and play. Attendance at practice is mandatory, unless a serious matter arises (family emergency, sudden illness).



Practice and Game Information

Practice will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week. All practices are mandatory unless of an emergency. If a member is to miss a practice, an email/ phone call/ text to the coach or president is required as an explanation, and it must be submitted in a timely fashion (not 1-2 hours before practice). We will have multiple tournaments each semester which will consist of traveling to other schools primarily on Saturday mornings and returning that night. Some other tournaments may be overnight trips if we travel far away. Just as practices, each tournament is mandatory in order to remain on the team.