Club Women's Volleyball

Spirit of the Game

University of Delaware Women's Club Volleyball is about finding a place where you can play competitive volleyball without the commitment of a varsity sport, & while still managing to always have fun with a great group of girls. It's a club where winning and fun come together as one goal.

Organizational Meeting(s)

Visit our booth at Fall Sport Clubs Activities Night.


We usually house 2 teams for a total of 20-25 girls.

Practice Information

Usually two practices per week. One on Sunday night, as well as one during the week, In Carpenter Sports Building.

National and/or Regional Affiliation

Regional: NWVCL

National: NIRSA

Membership Requirements

Dues are usually around $400 per year and may change based on whether you are a returning player or not. You must attend all practices, but have 3 excused absences for the year. Any outstanding circumstances are always to be discussed with the officers. We play both fall and spring( not including winter session) for a total of about 8 weekend tournaments per academic year.

Equipment Required

Any regular workout/playing attire. Knee pads are suggested.