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3/8/2016 7pm Harlem Globetrotters   

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Sports Events

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1/8 7pm UD Wms. Basketball (vs. UNCW) $5-$35
1/9 7pm UD Mens Basketball (vs. UNCW) $8-$40
1/10 2pm UD Wms. Basketball (vs. Northeastern) $5-$35
1/14 7pm UD Men's Basketball (vs. Towson) $8-$40
1/15 7pm DE 87ers (vs. Raptors) $10-$88
1/16 2pm UD Men's  Basketball (vs. Northeastern) $8-$40
1/17 2pm UD Wms Basketball (vs. Towson) $5-$35
1/19 6:30pm DE 87ers (vs. West Chester) $10-$88
1/22 7pm UD Wms. Basketball (vs. Drexel) $5-$35
1/24 2pm UD Wms. Basketball (vs. Wm./Mary) $5-$35


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 2/25    Spring Career Fair  
IMGUniversity of DelawareCAAADIDASSt Francis Healthcare1290 The Ticket94.7 WDSDGrotto Pizza