PHILADELPHIA  --  The University of Delaware rowing squad got big efforts from its Novice Eights and Varsity Eights crews during the opening day of 76th annual the Dad Vail Regatta on the Schuylkill River Friday.

The Novice Eights crew of coxswain Tatiana Gomez, Laura Peterson, Olivia Brady, Kristina Harmon, Kristen Reisor, Meghan Gerber, Savanah Wolfson, Lian Cancryn, and Marisa Gilliatt won its heat with a time of 6:58.320 to advance to Saturday’s semifinals at 8:03 a.m. The Blue Hens, who finished ahead of Saint Joseph’s, Army, and Geneseo, posted the sixth best time out of 26 boats to advance. Should Delaware finish in the top two of its semifinal race on Saturday morning, the Hens would advance to the finals later in the afternoon.

The Novice Eights crew was one of four Delaware boats that competed at the nation’s most prestigious regatta on Friday. The Varsity Eights crew was fourth in its heat, the Varsity Fours crew finished fifth in its heat, and the Second Varsity Eights boat posted a fifth place showing in its heat.

While the Second Varsity Eights and Varsity Fours did not advance, the Varsity Eights crew moved on to the repache round where it placed third out of six teams Friday and advanced to Saturday’s semifinals at 10:05 a.m.
The Varsity Eights boat of coxswain Jamie Noce, Denise Cirelli, Kat Francis, Jenny Kohler, Catherine Manner, Annie Waskover, Calla Cissel, Hannah Scholes, and Lily Guttentag rowed to a time of 6:51.086 to finish fourth out of five teams in its heat. Bucknell won the heat in a time of 6:31 followed by Fordham and Middlebury. Delaware then placed third in the repache with a time of 6:55, trailing winner Fairfield (6:52) and Lehigh (6:54) and finishing ahead of Penn State, Villanova, and Pittsburgh.

The Varsity Fours crew of coxswain Hayley Diverio, Megan Kirby, Kathleen Garrity, Jenn Boone, and Danielle Weader placed fifth out of six teams in its morning heat with a time of 7:46.173 as Massachusetts won with a time of 7:14.374. The Hens finished 27th overall out of 34 competitors.

The Second Varsity Eights crew of coxswain Sarah Tenenbaum, Shannon Taylor, Corey Holloway, Kate Flood, Kristen Van Iderstine, Carly Alexander, Angela Quinn, Meredith Murphy, and Sam Noel closed out the day with a fifth place finish in its heat with a time of 6:47.032. Drexel won the heat with a time of 6:29.285 with Delaware ranking 10th out of 16 competitors overall.

Delaware’s top finisher at the 2013 regatta was the Varsity Eights crew, which placed 17th overall.


Varsity Fours (Heat): 1. Massachusetts, 7:14; 2. Drake, 7:26; 3. Lafayette, 7:33; 4. Lehigh, 7:42; 5. Delaware, 7:46; 6. Jacksonville, 7:51.

Varsity Eights (Heat): 1. Bucknell, 6:31; 2. Fordham, 6:33; 3. Middlebury, 6:36; 4. Delaware, 6:51; 5. Chicago, 6:56

Varsity Eights (Repache): 1. Fairfield, 6:52; 2. Lehigh, 6:54; 3. Delaware, 6:55; 4. Penn State, 6:59; 5. Villanova, 7:00; 6. Pittsburgh, 7:11.

Novice Eights (Heat): 1. Delaware, 6:58 (advances to semifinals); 2. Saint Joseph’s, 7:03; 3. Army, 7:05; 4. Geneseo, 7:24.

Second Varsity Eights (Heat): 1. Drexel, 6:29; 2. Fordham, 6:37; 3. Duquesne, 6:41; 4. Purdue, 6:42; 5. Delaware, 6:47; 6. Lehigh, 6:58.