The majority of Recreation Services funding comes from a portion of the undergraduate and graduate comprehensive fee. When students swipe their UD ID cards to enter the Little Bob, the ID system validates their access by examining the status of their comprehensive fee. If they have paid the comprehensive fee, they are permitted access to the facility. If they have not paid the fee, they are NOT permitted access to the facility until the Recreation portion is paid. As long as your student status is active in the UD ID system, you are able to have access to the facility if the Recreation portion of your comprehensive fee is paid.

Please see below for the fee structure and categories of students it relates to.  


WINTER AND SUMMER ACCESS - effective as of June 2016

Undergraduate Students

If you fall under any of the categories listed below, you must pay the $25 Recreation portion of the comprehensive fee to access the Little Bob during winter session (January 3-February 4) or summer session (June 4-August 25).

  • students that are not enrolled in a class for the session
  • students on course fee waiver
  • students on sustaining status or leave of absence
  • students taking only online classes
  • students that are studying abroad

*This is not a comprehensive list of students that will need to pay the fee. 

PURCHASE HERE - Available starting December 19


Graduate Students

If you are a full-time graduate student, you have paid the Recreation portion of the comprehensive fee which permits you to access the Little Bob during fall/winter sessions (August 26-February 4) or spring/summer sessions (February 5-August 25). 

If you are a part-time graduate student, you must pay the Recreation portion of the comprehensive fee at the cashier's window in the Little Bob. 




All alumni, including recent graduates, can access the Little Bob by purchasing an alumni membership. Purchases can be made at the Little Bob cashier's window. Rates are listed below.

3 months (special offer for those who graduated within the past year)       $100

6 months                                                                                                                  $200

12 months                                                                                                                $400