PHILADELPHIA -- The University of Delaware had five varsity eights boats race in the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta held on Saturday.

The Blue Hens “A” boat finished in 11th place out of 56 crews with a time of 16:25.943 in the Club Championship 8+ race, while the “B” boat came in 20th in 16:44.331. The UD “C” boat placed 30th by crossing the line in 17:50.810, while the “D” boat was 35th in 18:12.046.

Delaware also competed in the Open Championship 8+ race, finishing fifth out of 15 boats by posting a time of 15:43.915.

Additionally, the Blue Hens had two crews compete in the Alumni 8+ race, as the “A” boat finished fourth out of 11 crews in 17:48.638 while the “B” boat was ninth in 18:15.758.

“We’ve never raced five varsity eights before in my time at UD, it was great putting such a large contingent of Blue Hens on the course,” said Delaware head coach Kevin Gruber. “All of the Delaware crews competed well, it was a strong full squad effort.”

Club Championship 8+

UD “A”
c-Sophia Elliott
8-Kyra Taylor
7-Juliana Fellowes
6-Mia Natale
5-Annie Cooper
4-Emily Dunham
3-Kate Gantner
2-Alex Perna
1-Laura Donohue

UD “B”
c-Katie Hewton
8-Lauren Williamson
7-Sarah Shaffer
6-Susie Baumgardner
5-Kara North
4-Anna Haase
3-Megan Ryan
2-Brynn McMahon
1-Michelle Curtis

UD “C”
c-Elizabeth Weglein
8-Kristina Harmon
7-Marissa Giardina
6-Kristen Reisor
5-Eileen Lipshultz
4-Julia Forbes
3-Mia Fitzpatrick
2-Ali Rider
1-Courtney Burnham

UD “D”
c-Skylar Diberarbinis
8-Maryjane Crowley
7-Abby Wilson
6-Savannah Wolfson
5-Bridget Williams
4-Devon Tapp
3-Makaela Purcell
2-Lydia Cole
1-Audrey Mazelin

Open Championship 8+

c-Alison Gibney
8-Natalie Teichman
7-Emma Spillman
6-Carly Alexander
5-Camryn McGrath
4-Claire Brown
3-Kaitlyn Thomesen
2-Mckayla Wood
1-Hannah Scholes

Alumni 8+

UD “A"
c-Jenn O’Keefe (’00)     
8-Courtney Forrester (’99)
7-Jaime Clark (’98)
6-Megan (Faulkner) DeFeo (’98)
5-Jennifer (Orem) Windley (’97)   
4-Alison (Bossert) Verbanas (’98)
3-Jaime (Pavao) Boris (’98)
2-Meredith (Rankin) Armstrong (’97)
1-Gail Orem (’01)

UD “B”
c-Molly Gardner (’15)
8-Denise Cirelli (’15)
7-Lily Guttentag (’15)
6-Kate Flood (’15)
5-Jenn Boone (’16)
4-Shannon Taylor (’16)
3-Corey Holloway (’15)
2-Megan Kirby (’16)
1-Danielle Lawler (’15)