The University of Delaware will host its first ever Baby Race presented by St. Francis Healthcare during halftime of the men’s basketball game between the Blue Hens and the Towson Tigers on Saturday, January 21.

The race is open to all babies between 6-12 months old and must be able to crawl. No baby will be allowed to participate if they are able to walk. Two individuals must escort the baby to the floor and are encouraged to bring any toys with them to encourage the baby along the race.

The race will last three (3) minutes and the first baby to cross the finish line will win the race. If no baby has successfully crossed the finish line after three minutes, then the baby who has crawled the furthest will be the winner.

All babies must be dressed in soft clothes and athletic shoes or other soft soled shoes. No hard boots can be worn while racing.

Each contestant will be given two (2) tickets to the game and will be at Will Call on game day for pick-up at the Ticket Office.