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Valentine's Day Series: Double Del Student-Athletes 

This Valentine's Day series features University of Delaware student-athlete Double Del couples. UD has 22,250 Double Dels, more than 15% of alumni, but Blue Hens seem to share a special bond. 

From Cheerleader to CAA Player of the Year Candidate
Looking at Nicole Enabosi now, it would be hard to believe that she was discovered at a cheerleading competition. The thought of actually playing, instead of being on the sidelines, never crossed her mind. Never, until standing at 5-foot-10 in the fourth grade, she was approached by her future AAU coach, who told her that she should get in the game. Even then, it wasn't a smooth transition for the current University of Delaware forward.
Blue Hens Head Coach Martin Ingelsby To Face Long-Time Mentor, Friend Mike Brey
The relationship between Mike Brey and Martin Ingelsby has taken on many roles during the past 18 years. From player-coach, to assistant coach-head coach, to competitors, they've consistently remained friend and mentor.
Dan Hammer: Blue Hen Player, Coach, Hall of Famer
Despite growing up just across the Maryland border in North East, Dan Hammer insists he did not always have an eye on the University of Delaware.

Focusing On His Passion: Mark Campbell Serves Alma Mater As Delaware's Primary Athletics Photographer
Mark Campbell is all about perfect timing. Whether it's snapping a shot at just the right moment or jumpstarting his photography career, he values being in the right place at the right time.
Outside Linebackers Coach Clint Sintim Brings Super Bowl Experience To Blue Hens
(Sept. 7, 2017) -- If any University of Delaware football players need a dose of inspiration this season, they can look to one of their assistant coaches who went from starting to play football in the ninth grade to Super Bowl champion.
BCC Events Staff Member Vinny Cardinale Doesn't Let Leg Prothesis Slow Him Down
(July 26, 2017) -- Life can change in an instant. For Bob Carpenter Center Events Staff member Vinny Cardinale, that instant came on a Monday in September 2013.

We're In This Together
(Apr. 19, 2017) -- From day one, Sue and Joyce were your classic Venus and Serena pairing. The Nidzgorski twins grew up playing tennis together, attended the University of Delaware together, and played No. 1 doubles together. With so many similarities, one unfortunate discovery sets the twins apart while also bringing them closer. After an unforgettable contribution to the Blue Hens, school programs, and her family, one moment and two words changed Sue's life forever: ovarian cancer.

Digging Her Profession: Taylor Hollingsworth Balances Volleyball, Nursing Clinicals

(Nov. 4, 2016) -- Born and raised in Hockessin, Delaware, and a graduate of nearby Ursuline Academy with a family full of UD alumni, volleyball player Taylor Hollingsworth has Delaware in her blood. She not only shows that pride by sporting blue and gold on the court, she also demonstrates it by sporting her scrubs at the Christiana Hospital where she treats her fellow Delawareans.

Blue Hens Rely on Marinaccio as Staff Ace

(May 26, 2016) -- As the baseball season closes and the uniforms are put away, it is important to recognize those players who have made a strong impact on the program. For the Delaware baseball team in 2016, it was pitcher Ron Marinaccio who stepped up to the plate this year as a staff's ace and elected team tri-captain. Marinaccio finished the season with a 7-4 record for the Hens.

Blue Hen Rower Olivia Brady Crosses Oceans

(May 12, 2016) -- As a collegiate student-athlete, one spends hours crammed into a bus alongside 40 or more teammates, traveling up and down the country for competitions. But UD rowing team member Olivia Brady is no stranger to travel. The Herndon, Va. native has spent the duration of her life traveling, visiting Mexico from the time she was two to studying abroad in Chile through the UD Institute for Global Studies program last January.

Young Players Making Big Impact on Delaware Softball

(May 10, 2016) --- After a disappointing past two years of missing the conference championship tournament, University of Delaware Softball is once again in contention for a Colonial Athletic Association title.

From Upstate New York To Delaware, Dattellas and Hawley Remain Close

(Apr. 20, 2016) -- Over the course of a student-athlete's career, their teammates become like family; a backbone to lean on, a support system on and off the field, and supportive friends while they are at school. Grueling practices and early wake-up calls are done alongside teammates, who rely on one another to get them through tough days to achieve success on the field.them taking place when she was just three years old.

Carolyn Darr Makes Strides To Overcome Obstacles

(Apr. 14, 2016) -- From the time she was born, track and field Carolyn Darr has been presented with many hurdles in sports and in life. The sprinter has endured five surgeries in her lifetime, three of them taking place when she was just three years old.

Luke Winkler Dives Past Injuries

(Mar. 16, 2016) -- As his rigidly postured body slipped into the glassy water of the Rawstrom Natatorium pool on the campus of the University of Delaware on Sunday, February 28, diver Luke Winkler knew he had made a winning entrance from the 3-meter springboard.

Former UD Lacrosse Standout Evan Washburn To Cover Super Bowl For CBS TV

(Feb. 2, 2016) -- For most student-athletes, their time on the athletic field ends when they hang up their jersey for the last time at the close of their college career. The hours of practice and sweat devoted to their respective sport culminates in a final game. Most then continue on to their respective career field after graduation. For Evan Washburn, he chose to never leave the field.

Alecia Bell Bounces Back From Horrific Career-Threatening Injury

(Dec. 17, 2015) -- During the 2014 Blue Hens home opener, Alecia Bell's scream ripped through the air, piercing a silenced Bob Carpenter Center. Curled beneath the basket, Bell clutched her leg as coaches and athletic trainers rushed out on to the floor to her aide. After jumping for her own rebound, Bell landed on her left leg, sustaining an injury that quite literally bent her leg in half.

Allie Mikelson Reflects on Cancer Scare One Year Later

(Dec. 2, 2015) -- When it comes to oncoming attackers flying towards her, Allie Mikelson is a skilled pro on the field hockey turf. She dives towards her opponents with force and demonstrates an exemplary ability to drive the ball away from the Blue Hens penalty circle. A fast and cunning player, Allie can skillfully thwart her opponent's attempts on goal and helped guide Delaware to three straight Colonial Athletic Association titles.

Guillermo Delgado On Path To Reaching Pro Soccer Goals

(Oct. 27, 2015) -- On the field, scoring goals can make or break a game in soccer. When the blue and gold uniforms come off, personal goals can make or break a player's future. Guillermo Delgado is following the path to his goals of playing professional soccer through devoting his summers to the Professional Development League.

Kevin Cataldo The Match for Bone Marrow Transplant

(Oct. 8, 2015) -- Many of us subconsciously rely on the simple kindness of strangers to get us through our days. A stranger decides to stop at the crosswalk and allows us to pass so we are not late for class; a stranger takes our order at the local coffee joint that allows us to successfully start out our days; a stranger moves out of the way when you merge onto a busy highway.

Katie Hillman and Emily Market Immerse Selves in Indian Culture via Nursing Internship Program

(Sept. 30, 2015) -- When opportunity strikes on the court, field, or swimming pool, any student athlete knows you have to take risks for a positive outcome. Communication is essential to making these opportunities in sports yield positive outcomes, whether it is a successful game, breakaway goal, or new record.

Memories of Parents Push Shanel Dickens on the Track

(June 12, 2015) -- Throughout their respective careers, many athletes will endure a variety of losses: falling short in a big game, missing out on a career record, failing to score a goal on an open net, or sustaining a career-ending injury. However, not all losses occur on the field. Yet, they can still impact performance and concentration, providing an obstacle for athletes to hurdle over.

For Many UD Baseball Players A Blue Hen State of Mind Was Second Nature

(May 20, 2015) -- There are 12 Blue Hens who have batted 58 or more times during the 2015 campaign. Out of those 12 players, six proudly call Delaware home. For Zach Lopes, Ty Warrington, Diaz Nardo, Brock Niggebrugge, Calvin Scott and Gary Jones, leaving Delaware never felt right.

Blue Hen Softball Outfielder Jessica Grisler Breaks School Records

(May 7, 2015) -- Triumphant cheering broke through the typical crowd chatter with one precise crack of Jessica Grisler's softball bat in a home game against Drexel March 22. As the clanging of the metal bat making contact with the ball reverberated through the crowd, the softball players and fans at the University of Delaware knew instantly what this double sent into left field meant. Outfielder Grisler had single-handedly broken Delaware's career record for hits.

Andi Slane: One Round

(May 1, 2015) -- Saturday Night, April 19. Andi Slane sits in bed with a book nestled between her hands. She flips through a few more pages and then calls it a night. She needs her sleep. As her eyes begin to close, her mind still lingers on the message from the page she happened to randomly select.

Blue Hen Rower Kate Sneddon Not Stopped by Cystic Fibrosis

(Apr. 28, 2015) -- For the average rower, life is anything but ordinary. Four a.m. wake up calls, grueling practices on ice-laden waters, and seemingly endless pieces on the rowing machine are all testaments to a rower's dedication and passion for a sport that culminates in a barely seven-minute race come race day.

Men's Lacrosse Player Elijah Conte Defies the Odds

(Apr. 21, 2015) -- It's every parent's worst nightmare. After taking their sick toddler to the hospital, Nick Conte and Barrie Jacobs were ushered into a conference room with several doctors and a social worker. As the oncologist was about to speak, Jacobs asked if she could hold her hand.

University of Delaware Athletes Battle New Type of Opponent

(Apr. 13, 2015) -- As Delaware student-athletes battle their rival colleges daily on the playing surface, they are also fighting a different kind of opponent: childhood cancer. The Blue Hens have joined in the fight against childhood cancer and have paired with The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation in adopting “B+ Heroes,” children who currently are, or have, battled cancer.

Friends of Eight Years, Swim Captains Ware and Ahrens Reflect on Time at UD

(Mar. 18, 2015) -- Coming into the 2014-15 season, Tim Ware and Lauren Ahrens were well aware of the pressure. Only this time, they were perfectly prepared for it. From the outside looking in, no one would ever know how much the two have in common. They are both seniors, they are both members of the swimming team, they are both captains, and they were both 2011 graduates of Central Bucks South High School in Warrington, Pa. Most importantly, they both decided to attend the University of Delaware, where they would cement their friendship and their place in the record books.

Delaware Women's Lacrosse Dedicates Season To B+ Hero

(Mar. 5, 2015) -- Every team has its standout athletes - the heroes of the game who drive the play, push the intensity of the defense or offense, and rally the rest of the team to maximum performance. In order to be a standout on the field, one must typically possess an impressive statistical record or unique technique on the field. But maybe, in order to be a hero on a team, one doesn't always need to be the best of their kind or even have played at all.

Stephanie Leon Sets Her Sights on New Site for Teach for America

(Feb. 16, 2015) -- As a student-athlete, competition and drive to succeed is a measure by which you are judged and critiqued on the court, field or area of play. However, this skill will often trickle down into the player's academics, extracurricular activities, and then eventually into the workforce upon graduation. At Delaware, both the university itself and many players strive to be this well rounded. One student-athlete in particular stands out for her accomplishments.

Delaware Ties Run Deep for UD Head Coaches

(Jan. 23, 2015) -- While a student-athlete at any college, one will experience the extreme pride of representing his or her school and may bask in the school spirit associated with his or her particular team. While at school, student-athletes follow traditions and adhere to the values of their sports teams, instilled into them by the legacy of that particular team. These traditions can range from anything to specific drills, to pregame rituals, to team mottos.

Delaware Basketball Teams Give Back to Ronald McDonald House

(Dec. 16, 2014) -- The holiday season brings upon us a flurry of shopping, reuniting with family or friends, travel and giving back to our community. The University of Delaware men and women's basketball programs did just that on December 11 at the Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington, Del.

UD Cross Country, Track & Field Take Strides To Help the Less Fortunate

(Nov. 20, 2014) -- To a runner, a pair of shoes is everything. It is the vessel that carries them through the highs and lows of the course, protects their feet in harsh conditions, and moves with their rhythmic footsteps as they push through a particularly hard trail. A runner's main guide to survival, in addition to athleticism, is a pair of running sneakers.

From High School Powerhouse Legacy To University of Delaware

(Nov. 5, 2014) -- For those who excel in the sport they play, high school is not only a time to experience the inevitable awkward years of being a teenager, heavy course loads, or immerse oneself in numerous clubs. In addition to all of these things, it is a time to prepare oneself in athletics for college recruitment, to sharpen your playing skills and hopefully get recognized by different universities, if you choose to continue playing a sport at the collegiate level.

Blue Hen Women's Soccer "Family" Celebrates Silver Anniversary

(Oct. 23, 2014) -- Like any good head coach, Scott Grzenda of the University of Delaware women's soccer program feels like a proud parent every time he hits the field with his players in tow. But this season held special significance for Grzenda, who just happens to be the only head coach this family has ever known.

Laura Travis Reflects on UD Career on Eve of USTA/Middle States Hall of Fame Induction

(Oct. 16, 2014) -- One of Delaware's most decorated former student-athletes to walk onto the tennis courts is set to add to her long list of honors as women's tennis head coach Laura Leroy Travis prepares to be inducted into the USTA Middle States Hall of Fame this Friday evening.

Flashing Back in Time With Delaware Men's Soccer

(Oct. 13, 2014) -- It is widely known that history has a way of repeating itself. Fashion trends, hairstyles, types of presidents and wars all seem to have a way of reappearing in current time. The Delaware men's soccer team is no exception to this rule – the Blue Hens have revealed themselves to come out kicking as strong as the extremely successful team of the 1970 season.

Nathalie Filler Swings Her Way Into Delaware Women's Golf History

(Oct. 2, 2014) -- University of Delaware women's golfer Nathalie Filler putted her way into the history books recently as she set high standards for the Blue Hens at the Tignanelli Towson Invitational.

Erin Wein A Game-Changer For Delaware Women's Lacrosse

(Apr. 30, 2014) -- Women's lacrosse sophomore Erin Wein as had an incredible impact on the University of Delaware's defensive play since she joined the team in 2013. Now she is second overall in the Colonial Athletic Association with 1.87 caused turnovers per game and leads UD with 31 groundballs and caused turnovers.

Troy Beneck Cruises Through UD Tennis Record Books

(Apr. 9, 2014)-- Troy Beneck began playing tennis as a six-year-old when his dad took up the sport and wanted someone to play with for fun. Now, in his senior year, Troy has broken school records for most doubles wins in a single season, most overall doubles wins and most overall singles wins. He is the only player in Delaware history to have reached 70 career singles and doubles victories.

Basketball Standout Kelsey Buchanan Exudes Delaware Pride

(Mar. 13, 2014) -- As the entire Blue Hens community revels in the men's basketball team's CAA championship last week, the UD women get ready to do the same this weekend. Kelsey Buchanan says that she and her teammates were excited to leave for the CAA Women's Basketball Tournament on Wednesday, especially after traveling to Baltimore to see the UD men win it all.