CAMDEN, N.J.  --  The University of Delaware women’s rowing squad competed in six races at the 32nd annual Memorial Murphy Cup Regatta Saturday on the Cooper River highlighted by the Blue Hen Varsity Eights boat advancing to the Petite Final.

Delaware teams also posted second place heat finishes in the Varsity Fours A and B races, fourth in the Varsity Fours C and Junior Varsity Eights, and fifth in the Novice Eights races. The Varsity Eights crew was third in its heat to advance to the Petite Final where the Blue Hens recorded a sixth place finish.

“Conditions on the Cooper were very challenging on Saturday, and we didn’t handle the conditions particularly well,” said Delaware head coach Kevin Gruber. “This was not our best day, but spring break is this coming week so we’ll have some time to fix some things and tweak our approach heading into the Knecht Cup.”

The Varsity Eights coxswain Sarah Tenenbaum, Denise Cirelli, Kat Francis, Jenny Kohler, Catherine Manner, Annie Waskover, Calla Cissel, Hannah Scholes, and Lily Guttentag rowed to a third place time of 8:24.71 in its heat and then placed sixth in the Petite Final with a time of 8:46.20. Bucknell won the Petite Final with a time of 8:10.10.

Picking up second place finishes in their heats were the Varsity Fours B team of coxswain Hayley Diverio, Bethany Porter, Kristen Van Iderstine, Danielle Lawler, and Jeannie Kontos in a time of 9:01.78 and the Varsity A team of coxswain Molly Gardner, Megan Kirby, Kathleen Garrity, Shannon Bell, and Sam Noel in 9:19.26.  Drexel won the B race (8:57.59) while George Washington won the A race (8:58.70).

Placing fourth in their heats for the Hens were the Varsity Fours crew of coxswain Kate Sneddon, Taylour Kissinger, Rebecca Sassone, Sara Afshar, and Marisa Gilliatt in 10:02.04 and the Junior Varsity Eights boat of coxswain Jamie Noce, Meredith Murphy, Corey Holloway, Shannon Taylor, Angela Quinn, Kate Flood, Danni Weader, Carly Alexander, and Jenn Boone in 8:23.28. Navy won the Fours C heat (9:05.87) while Bucknell won the JV8 heat in 7:41.67.

A fifth place heat finish was put in by Delaware’s Novice Eights crew of coxswain Tatiana Gomez, Meghan Gerber, Olivia Brady, Laura Peterson, Kristen Reisor, Kristina Harmon, Savanah Wolfson, Kim Abrams, and Lian Cancryn. Delaware’s time of 9:03.84 placed fifth behind winner Bucknell (8:14.74).

Delaware will continue action Apr. 12-13 when the Blue Hens return to the Cooper River to take part in the Knecht Cup.


Varsity Fours B Heat: 1. Drexel, 8:57.59; 2. Delaware, 9:01.78; 3. Lafayette, 9:03.36; 4. Villanova, 9:09.36; 5. George Washington, 9:19.49
Varsity Fours A Heat: 1. George Washington, 8:58.70; 2. Delaware, 9:19.26; 3. Richard Stockton, 10:11.86; 4. Bryn Mawr, 10:13.73
Varsity Fours C Heat: 1. Navy, 9:05.87; 2. Saint Joseph’s, 9:16.46; 3. Loyola, 9:33.45; 4. Delaware, 10:02.04.
Novice Eights Heat: 1. Bucknell, 8:14.74; 2. Buffalo, 8:18.18; 3. Temple, 8:38.15; 4. Villanova, 8:39.73; 5. Delaware, 9:03.84.
Junior Varsity Eights Heat: 1. Bucknell, 7:41.67; 2. George Washington, 7:59.74; 3. Lehigh, 8:04.35; 4. Delaware, 8:23.28; 5. Buffalo, 8:50.43.
Varsity Eights Heat: 1. Drexel, 8:16.01; 2. Bucknell, 8:23.13; 3. Delaware, 8:24.71; 4. Loyola, 10:00.33;  Petite Final: 1. Bucknell, 8:10.10; 2. Lehigh, 8:17.27; 3. Connecticut, 8:19.49; 4. Temple, 8:20.05; 5. Colgate, 8:40.51; 6. Delaware, 8:46.20.