Men's Diving

Class: Freshman
Hometown: Glenmoore, Pa.
Major: International Business 



Three words to describe yourself?  Witty, Spontaneous, Energetic

What is a fun fact about yourself? I speak fluent Swedish

What has been your most embarrassing moment? In 10th grade, I fell asleep in chemistry and woke up screaming in front of my entire class. I guess I had a nightmare or something.

Where is the coolest place you've traveled? Stockholm, Sweden

What do you like to do on your spare time? Eat and listen to music

Favorite Holiday?  Halloween

Favorite musical artist?  Avicii

Are there any songs you know all the lyrics to?  Hey Soul Sister by Train, and Wake Me Up by Avicii

What's one song on your phone that nobody would know or expect? All About That Bass by Meghan Trainer

Celebrity crush?   Margot Robbie

Any hidden talents?  I can flip my eyelids inside out

What are three things that are on your bucket list?  Skydiving, go on the world's fastest roller coaster in Abu Dhabi, and go to the Maldives

What is your favorite meal?  Fettuccini Alfredo w/ Grilled Shrimp

Dream job?  Foreign Service Officer

What is your spirit animal?  A shark 

Do you have any pets?  2 dogs (Brittany Spaniels)

Favorite TV show or program? Shameless

What is your guilty pleasure TV show?  Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

What reality show/game show would you go on?  Guy's Grocery Games

What is your biggest pet peeve(s)?  People who chew with their mouth open, wet socks, and slow drivers


What part of campus do you live onEast Campus (Russell E)

Do you live with any athletes? What's that like?  My roommate is a swimmer, so we have a very similar schedule and we go to the same meets. It definitely makes things a lot easier, and it’s been a lot of fun so far!

What's your favorite part of campusDefinitely East campus. We have the turf, Perkins, the P.O.D, Caesar Rodney, etc. You can’t beat it.

Favorite class? Why?  German 105 for sure. I’ve always wanted to learn German and the fact that I can finally do it after waiting so long makes it that much better.

Favorite professor? Why?  My German 105 Professer, Frau Busch. She is a phenomenal teacher with a sense of humor, and occasionally brings German candy to class!


What social media platform are you most active on?   Instagram

What meme describes your life best?  The Caveman SpongeBob Meme

Favorite emoji? 🙄 The eye rolling emoji

Favorite Snapchat Filter?  Anything but the dog filter


Who would you like to trade places with for a day? Probably Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8. Not because I’d enjoy it, but because I want to know what he’s doing with his life.

If you were a DJ, what would your name be?  Lil Cheese Puff (I put it in a random DJ name generator online and that was the first one to come up)

If you could live in any decade, which would you choose?  The 80’s for sure. Everyone seemed to love life back then even without technology. It’d be nice to know what that was like.

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Any kind of shrimp

What superpower would you want, or what superhero would you want to be? I would want to speak every language known to man

What cartoon character would you be?  Stewie from Family Guy

Talent you would most like to have?  To be able to dance 

Most memorable moment as a member of the Blue Hens?  Winning my first 1st place title in a competition.

What do you and your team do to get students to go to your games?  Tell our friends to come and advertise on Instagram.

Any superstitions? None that I know about!

What's your game-day playlist? Normally I just go onto a random workout playlist on Spotify. They always give me a lot of energy.

Any pre-game traditions? We do our team cheer, and the night before we have meetings to look at the other teams times/scores and compare our own teams times/scores.

What's the best advice ever given to youDon’t let one bad dive ruin your entire meet.