1. Systematically evaluate all student-athletes
    a. Baseline Testing Protocol
         i. Joint Range of Motion - Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
              1. All staff members are certified in the FMS
         ii. Acceleration - Laser timed 10 yard dash
         iii. Lower Body Power - Standing Broad Jump
         iv. Work Capacity - 300 yard Shuttle
         v. Measurements - Height, Weight, Body Composition
    b. Weight Room Strength Testing
         i. Upper Body Push Variation
         ii. Upper Body Pull Variation
         iii. Lower Body Push (Squat) Variation
              1. These tests will be based on the training age and ability of the student-athletes training
              2. We will not put our student-athletes in harm's way by performing exercises they are not prepared for.
    c. Sport Specific Testing
         i. Collaborate with sport coaches to test and evaluate student-athletes in areas specific to the sport they participate in.

2. Create an Organized Environment
    a. All sessions are run as a Team or Groups of a given Team, depending on size.
    b. All student-athletes are given a sheet with their specific weights based on their evaluation.
    c. All sessions are run by certified Coach(es).
    d. All sessions are run with proper work to rest ratios using a timing system to keep the group on pace.
    e. All aspects of the session are coaches - warmup, injury prevention, strength/power portion, and flexibility
    f. All running workouts are run in the same fashion, timed work to rest ratios, and organized by emphasis and volume.
    g. All student-athletes are required to wear issued gear to look the part.

3. Create competitive situations
    a. Evaluation days in the weight room are encouraged to have the Team support each other.
Student-athletes are put in pairs within the workout to push each other.
    c. Running workouts have competitive themes throughout the session.


4. Accountability
    a. Team Accountability
    b. Peer Accountability

5. Create Good Habits
    a. Following Directions
    b. Technique
    c. Effort
    d. Punctuality

6. Work Ethic
    a. Create an environment where hard work is rewarded.
    b. Do not allow student-athletes to slack off or go through the motions.

7. Professionalism - Always Overdeliver
    a. Set a professional environment starting with how the staff organizes and presents themselves.
    b. Create an environment where the sessions are approached like practices - dress, setup, and directives.
    c. Do not allow horseplay in the sessions.

8. Pride
    a. Create an environment where our student-athletes take pride in the following:
         i. Themselves
         ii. Their Team
         iii. The University of Delaware

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  Ted Perlak    
  Assistant AD for Sports Performance/Head Strength & Conditioning Coach 
  Phone:  (302) 831-4046    

  E-mail:  tperlak@udel.edu
  Sport Responsibilities:  Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball

  Chris Stewart  
  Strength & Conditioning Coach

  Phone:  (302) 831-4046    
  E-mail:  stewartc@udel.edu
  Sport Responsibilities:  Football
  Joe Baranello  
  Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

  Phone:  (302) 831-4046    
  E-mail:  baraj@udel.edu
  Sport Responsibilities:  Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Field Hockey, Men's Soccer, Softball
  Jim McGuire 
  Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

  Phone:  (302) 831-4046    
  E-mail:  jmcguire@udel.edu
  Sport Responsibilities:  Football, Baseball, Men's Lacrosse
  Christina Rasnake  
  Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

  Phone:  (302) 831-4046    
  E-mail:  crasnake@udel.edu
  Sport Responsibilities:  Volleyball, Women's Lacrosse, Cross Country, Track & Field, Men's & Women's Tennis
  Jenna Liljeberg  
  Graduate Assistant

  Phone:  (302) 831-4046    
  E-mail:  jennalil@udel.edu
  Sport Responsibilities:  Rowing, Men's and Women's Swimming & Diving, Men's and Women's Golf, Women's Soccer

         ·  Oz Agbese - Graduate Assistant - 2014-15
                   Now at University of North Dakota - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach     
        ·  Russ Barbarino - Director of Strength & Conditioning - 1999-05          
                  Now at University of Michigan - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Olympic Sports
        ·  Jason Beauleiu '96 - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach - 2005-10
                  Now at University of North Carolina - Strength & Conditioning Coach
        ·  Melissa Boldt - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - 2011-14
                  Now at Penn State University - Strength & Conditioning Coach
        ·  Andrew Carter - Graduate Assistant - 2003-05
                  Now at Campbell University - Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Performance / Director of Strength and Conditioning
        ·  Tony Decker - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach - 1988-99
                  Now at Coastal Carolina University - Director of Speed, Strength & Conditioning
        ·  Brett Gerch - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - 2006-07
                  Now at University of Arizona - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
        ·  Brian Hess - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach - 2012-14
                  Now at Army West Point - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
        ·  Kyle Hobbs - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - 2011-13
                  Now at Dakota Wesleyan University - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
        ·  Packer Larson '11 - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - 2014-16
                  Now at West Chester University - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach   
        ·  Augie Maurelli - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach - 2010-12
                  Now at University of Delaware - AVP, Analysis and Operations   
        ·  Kevin Schadt - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - 2007-09
                  Now at Kansas State University - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
        ·  Trevor Williams '08 - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - 2009-11; 2012-15
                  Now at Sam Houston State University - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach