University of Delaware Recreation offers a variety of fitness programs and events for students, employees, and other members on campus. Take the first step towards better overall health by participating in the programs listed below!



We offer 40+ weekly group fitness classes in strength, cardio, mind-body, dance, and HIIT formats. All instructors are nationally certified and provide modifications in each class to meet the needs of all fitness levels. 



Our nationally certified personal trainers will assess your fitness goals, build a personalized workout plan and coach you to perform the exercises safely and effectively. Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and take place in either the Lil Bob personal training studio or main fitness center. 



This option combines the benefits of personal training and group fitness into one 6 week program. Each program focuses on a specialized format, individual progression and skill development for 5-15 participants.  



Put your fitness training to the test by competing in our Top Hen fitness challenges throughout the year. Each challenge has a male and female bracket with 6 weight divisions to ensure fairness. Winners of each division earn a tank top and are entered to win a grand prize. 



Fill out an application to become a fitness supervisor, group fitness instructor or personal trainer. 

NOTE: you must be certified to be hired as an instructor or trainer





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