Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Intramural Sports?

Intramural sports are competitive sport events run through the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Services. The Intramural Program offers opportunity for students and employees to compete against others from the University community in various sports ranging from common team sports like basketball and soccer to individual sports like badminton and table tennis. Please check the list of sports offered to see if there is something you are interested in. If there isn't, don't hesitate to email us and let us know what events you would like to see offered.

2. How do I sign up for an Intramural Sport?

Check the Calendar page to see when registration closes for the sport you are interested in. Then, before registration closes, go online to to pay the registration fee and create your team. If signing up as an individual, you must go online, create an account with and identify the sport and team you'd like to join. If you want to play a team sport but don't have a team you can sign up as a Free Agent on

3. What do I need to sign up for an Intramural Sport?

To sign up for an individual sport (tennis, badminton, etc.) you just need to go online, register and pay for that event. To sign up for a team sport there are two ways. You can act as a team captain and create a team or you can join a team that has already been created. To create a team, you need to pay the registration fee online and then register the team online. All participants will need their student ID/employee ID number and their udel email address in order to create an account and join a team.

4. How do I get the registration and roster forms?

New this year, everything will be done online at You will create the team online, you will pay online and all team members will need to register online and join the team's roster before they play.

5. What is the roster?

The roster is a form that tells us who is on your team. Each team member will need to register online for the team in order to be added to the roster. You can request to join a team or as the captain you can invite players to your team. Failing to register online will invalidate them from participating on your team. Players may only play on one team for each sport. (A Men's Blue league and a Men's Gold league are considered the same sport.) (However, we consider coed leagues and same sex leagues different sports. So a player may play on one men's or women's team, and also one coed team.) Once a player is on a roster they are not allowed to be removed. Each roster is limited to 16 players (20 for softball and outdoor soccer.) So to keep a team under the limit don't put players on your roster until you know they will be playing for your team.

6. What is the Registration Fee for?

The Fee serves as an incentive to make sure that teams really have a team when they sign up. Our biggest concern is the teams that are playing will not have an opponent when they show up to play. So we charge a small fee to make sure that each team is serious about playing when they register.

7. What happens if I forfeit?

If you forfeit you will automatically be dropped from post-season eligibility, and if there are teams on the waitlist you will be removed from the league. A second forfeit will result in removal from the league. If you know you cannot make a game your team can call in a default.

8. How did I forfeit?

You forfeit by showing up late (you have a 5-minute grace period after the posted game time but if you miss that you forfeit), not showing up at all, or not having the minimum number of players ready by game time.

9. Why are you so strict on the game time forfeit rule?

We have to worry about all of our teams not just yours. We understand things happen and that's why you get a 5 minute grace period. There is another team there to play you and they might have class after your game and they need to get started on time. And we also have other games after yours to get in before time is up (darkness or the building closing.)

10. What is a default?

A default can be declared by submitting a game cancelation on by noon on the day of your game. If you declare a default you will be charged with a loss but not a forfeit. In order to be considered a default, a game cancelation request must be submitted on  No other form of notification will be accepted. If you default a second time in a season, it will be treated as a forfeit.

11. What is the purpose of the default option?

We want to make everyone's experience is enjoyable. There is nothing worse than a team arriving for a game and the other team not showing up. The Default option allows the office enough time to contact the other team and let them know they don't have a game so they don't show up to a forfeit.

12. What happened to the Forfeit Bond?

Due to the problems with refunding the bonds to teams, we have decided to do away with Bonds. This created an issue where there is no real incentive for a team to be serious when they signed up for a sport. We created the Fee based system to make sure teams are serious about playing and therefore being there for their opponents. We kept the fee as low as possible and created the team size based prices so that the fee is approximate to the cost of attending one fitness class.

13. What sports are available?

Check out the Sports tab at the top of the page to view the different sports and formats that are offered.

14. What do I do if there is a sport I want to play that isn't offered?

Just get in touch with us. The sports we offer are always changing. There are some sports we just cannot offer but within reason we will try to offer any sport that there is a big enough demand for. Without you letting us know what you want to play we won't know.

15. When and where are games played?

Most field sports are held on Frazer Fields (right behind the CSB.) All indoor sports are held in the CSB. A select few sports will be held at Rullo Field (next to the BCC). Times differ between sports but generally league events run Sunday - Thursday with teams playing once per week. Times start at 3:15pm and run until 11pm. We also offer one-day and weekend tournaments. Those are on the weekends and start around noon.

16. What about bad weather?

For the outdoor events the decision to cancel games is made at 2pm. You can call the office to check if games are to be played. If we decide to play and then bad weather develops the games will be suspended at the field. (When in doubt call the office or come ready to play.) We will play as long as conditions are not dangerous (i.e. lightning.) The best way to reach us for rainout information is to call the IM office 302-831-2365.

17. How many games will I get?

Each sport is different, but generally you will play 4 regular season games, plus the tournament (for each League).

18. I have played through the league what about the post-season?

We offer championship tournaments for all league sports at the end of league play. We take as many teams as court space and time will allow. Usually we get all teams that want to play in. Tournaments play at the same times as the regular season games in most cases. Your team will be playing teams from other leagues and will be playing at times you are not accustomed to playing. Please check the schedule regularly. The Tournament will begin the day after the last day of the season.

19. Who can play?

Anyone can play as long as they are a UD student, UD faculty member, or UD staff member with access to CSB. If in doubt of whether you have access, bring your UD ID card and have it swiped at the front desk. If you are valid, you can play.

20. Can I add players to my team after the start of the season?

Anyone can add to a team throughout the regular season (up to the maximum for that sport.) A player must be on the roster before the team's last regular season game to play in the playoffs. To add a player they just have to go to to create an account and sign up for your team prior to competing. They can do this the day of the game, but it has to be done before they play. (To be eligible to get a Championship T-Shirt, a player must have attended at least two games in the season.)

21. How do I get more info?

Stop by the office (144 CSB), or call 831-2365.

22. How do I play if I don't have a team (what's a free agent)?

If you don't have a team you can sign up as a free agent. We have a notebook with all free agent forms collected or register as a free agent online. If there is a team that is looking for players they can come in and go through the forms or go online and contact a free agent directly. Unfortunately we cannot just put players on teams, so you will have to be in touch with the team and you both agree that you are on the team. If you don't get picked up once the season starts we always encourage free agents to come out to the fields or courts, and usually there is a team that is short handed and will welcome you on the team at that point.