Club Women's Ultimate Disc

Spirit of the Game

Our club is about learning and playing the sport of Ultimate with a focus on good sportsmanship and teamwork. As a group, we are very committed to our sport and to our team. We are a very competitive team in our region.

Organizational Meeting(s)

We don't have any open meetings scheduled as of right now. We do most of our recruiting at the beginning of the school year at Activities Night. However, we are open to new players at any point in the school year, just contact the captains via e-mail to ask about practice (contact information below).


Our club is exclusively for women, however there is also a men's ultimate team. We accept however many students are interested in playing with us. We split into two teams (an A and a B team) so that we do not need to cut anyone. We currently have about 40 women between both our A and B teams.

Practice Information

We typically have 2-3 regular practices each week, in the late afternoon, with an addition running practice day, and evening agility workouts.

National and/or Regional Affiliation

The national governing body of Ultimate Frisbee is the Ultimate Players Association (UPA).

Membership Requirements

Players are expected to attend as many practices as they are able to based on their class schedule. Players are aslo expected to attend tournaments whenever they are able to on weekends. We practice 2 days a week in the fall and 2 days a week in the spring, with additional running and agility workouts. We attend anywhere from 4 to 7 tournaments each semester. Club members will get as much out of the team as they are able to put in; the more practices and tournaments you attend, the more you will learn about the sport and the more opportunities you will have to play the game. Our dues each year range from $10 to $50 per person, depending on team fundraising.

Equipment Required

Equipment for Ultimate Frisbee is pretty minimal. The club provies the cones used to make fields, and has a supply of discs (players are encouraged to own at least one disc of their own). Players are strongly encouraged to own cleats (soccer and lacrosse cleats are pretty standard). Players will also have to purchase 2 jerseys (a white and a dark).