Class Descriptions  




Cardio-Muscle: This intense cardio step and strength training workout will get your blood pumping and your body toned using the step, hand weights, and more! It is a combination of step routines and weight training intervals. All fitness levels are welcome!
Cycle: A great option for anyone looking to cross-train and increase cardiovascular endurance! Cycle your way to a better body! Please arrive early if you need help with your bike set up. Classes are 60, 55, or 45 minutes in length.
Power Interval Cycle: This high-energy class incorporates all the fun of cycle in a 45-minute interval training format. With mixtures of tabata and HIIT,  you'll be sure to blast extra calories while toning your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and core. Get your heart rate up, and reboot your metabolism to exciting music and drills!
Step Express: In this 45 minute express class, you will have fun and challenge your body with cardio on the step ! Learn new moves and exciting combos to get your heart pumping, strengthen your muscles, and improve core strength! This class includes step choreography and ab work!



Ballet Burn: This class blends ballet, pilates, and aerobics for a total body workout that leaves no muscle untouched. Ballet/dance experience is not required.
Zumba: This is a fun, high energy, and easy to follow dance workout. With the music blasting and disco lights spinning, you'll forget that you are even exercising! Classes are 60 or 45 minutes in length.



FITcamp: A popular interval class that mixes calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. These boot camps are designed in a way to be different all the time, and push our participants harder than they'd push themselves. We want to keep you guessing - and challenge you differently every class! Although our instructors may push you like a drill sergeant, our goal is to offer encouragement rather than intimidation. We want you to have tons of fun – but please be prepared for some high intensity training!
H.E.A.T. (High Energy Anaerobic Training): A challenging and rewarding class for all fitness levels. A mix of step, HIIT (High intensity interval training), tabata, and other cardio to crank up the volume of your workout and leave no muscle untouched. Abs and stretching are included!
Kickboxing and HIIT: This class combines kickboxing drills and combos, calisthenics, core work, and HIIT to add power and endurance to your workout routine! This class provides an intense, calorie burning aerobic workout for all fitness levels! Ab work is included!
Kickboxing Circuits: Take your body to the next level with this circuit style boxing class! This class combines all the traditional boxing moves with calisthenics, agility drills, and HIIT training to provide a complete total body workout. You will learn how to correctly throw punches and execute kicks with precision and power, as well as working with boxing equipment and partner drills. This class is not choreographed, so feel free to join in the workout and get in shape! All fitness levels are welcome!
Metcon: Short for “Metabolic Conditioning”, is a total body circuit style class that combines the following effective and fun fitness techniques: interval training, strength training, cardio, and a mix of anaerobic and aerobic conditioning drills. Exercises are performed with Tabata, HIIT, and timed intervals that work together to improve your metabolism, strengthen and create lean muscle tone, and blast away fat. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels!



Hatha Yoga: This class focuses on breath, body, and meditation with plenty of relaxation in between asanas (poses). The different asanas will help strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Hatha yoga can be practiced by anyone  and brings the perfect balance of energy and calm to the body and mind. Yoga mats are provided, but feel free to bring your won. 
Power Yoga: Expect a workout that stimulates all muscle groups and internal organs  of the body! The focus of this yoga class in put on the vinyasa flow sequences followed by variations of asanas (yoga poses). This class unites the art of movement and breath, helping you flow through each pose and you build strength and clear your mind! Mats provided, but feel free to bring your own. 
Yin Yang Yoga: A strengthening vinyasa sequence that is focused on the connection between breath and body.  This class starts with flowing, powerful poses to increase the internal temperature and end with long yin postures to stretch and cool down the body. Yin yang yoga is a challenging class that will take your body  to the edge and clear your mind! 
Vinyasa Yoga: Similar to Power Yoga, with an emphasis on power, flow, meditation, and strength! Leave class feeling both relaxed and invigorated.
Yoga: Improve your overall strength and flexibility while also learning relaxation and breathing techniques to help reduce stress. Great for all fitness levels. Mats provided, but it is recommended to bring your own! 



Bodypump: The original 55 or 45 minute barbell weight class that builds strength and pushes you to the limit every time. Shapes and tones muscles, improves general fitness, increases bone density and blasts away fat! Great music, awesome instructors, and your choice of weights will help you sculpt your way to the body of your dreams!
Butts N' Gutts Butts and Guts: Strengthen, tone, and condition your "backside," legs, and core! Get ready for body weight exercises, plyometric drills, and some weight training.
Core Conditioning: This class will train the entire body with a main focus on core strengthening. The core muscles stabilize the spine, pelvis, and shoulders while providing a solid foundation for movement in the arms and legs. Combining power moves with weight training and stability exercises, you’ll see results fast. Expect to do plyometrics and use a range of equipment from stability and medicine balls to weights and more!
Core Intervals: This 45 minute class trains the entire body with a main focus on core strengthening. The core muscles stabilize the spine, pelvis, and shoulders while providing a solid foundation for movement in the arms and legs. Combining power moves with weight training and stability exercises, you’ll be sure to see results in no time!  Expect to do plyometrics and use a range of equipment from stability balls, weights, and much more! 
Kettlebell: Experience a new form of resistance training with the kettlebell. This total body workout will train you to use a variety of kettlebell exercises to boost strength, develop lean muscle, ignite your metabolism, and help you burn fat both during and AFTER the workout.
Pilates: This class is based on core strength and "contrology" principles of Joseph Pilates. Improve flexibility and strength through controlled movement that engages both the body and the mind. Mats provided, but feel free to bring your own.
Pilates-Tone: Experience Pilates in a whole new way! You will use equipment such as the BOSU, weights, and bands to add a new element to traditional Pilates movements. This class will strengthen and tone your body while focusing on core stability.


UD Fitness and Recreation reserves the right to adjust the schedule based on class attendance, holidays, semester breaks, and special events.
For safety reasons, participants must arrive at class NO LATER than 10 minutes after the class start time. (i.e. If a class starts at 5:15pm, participants will not be allowed to enter the class after 5:25pm)