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Formats: Cycle 

I love the environment and energy that only comes from working out in a large group.  I love feeling motivated, encouraged, and challenged by the people I teach, and I love the "we're all in this together" mentality.

Abby is a Campus Ministry Leader for CRU.


Formats: Yoga

The thing I love most about teaching is watching my students progress in their practice, gaining strength, flexibility, focus and confidence.  Come join me for a class!


Formats: Yoga


Formats: Kickboxing, HIIT, BODYPUMP, CXWORX, Cardio Sport

I became a fitness instructor because I have always been fortunate enough to enjoy an incredibly healthy and active lifestyle being both a former collegiate soccer player and former collegiate gymnast. As an athlete, I have always had access to custom workouts, knowledge, and coaching techniques that helped me perform at such a high level of competition. Not everyone has that opportunity and being a fitness instructor, I am able to encourage and inspire participants to find their "inner athlete" and to push themselves to be the very best they can be every day while pursuing an activity that they personally love doing.

Brian is a graduate student with master's degrees in Disaster Science and Management and Business Administration. 


Formats: UD Cycle

I decided to become an instructor because I am very enthusiastic about fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. Being an instructor allows me to be an ambassador for these things and also get in touch with people in the community who value fitness.

Cari is a graduate student in the Physical Therpay program. 


Formats: Cycle

I firmly believe group fitness is the best way to reach your goals. I love a team environment and helping everyone feel motivated and confident. Cycle is a great way to condition yourself with great music and an upbeat, welcoming environment.

Casey earned her Bachelor's degree in Economics from UD and works at JP Morgan as a Client Service Associate. 


Formats: BODYPUMP and Cycle Instructor

I love being able to show my enthusiasm and spread my passion for fitness to others. With the formats I teach, I am able to teach an endurance workout into something fun and energetic that draws participants in, keeps them engaged, and continues to want more--even when we have 32 squat pulses with no breaks. Nothing is more satisfying than your participants loving the workout, sharing their energy and enthusiasm with one another, and seeing results from the workout after being consistent over time.

Chelsea completed the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Certificate Program and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training with minor in Strength and Conditioning from UD.


Formats: Cycle

I love being able to meet new faces every week and be able to motivate them through a great workout. It's so nice to be able to see somebody who may be new to spin one week but by the end of the semester they come every week.

Claire is a gGraduate student pursuing her degree in Clinical Exercise and Physiology at UD. She earned her bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science with minors in both Strength and Conditioning and Coaching Science from UD.



Formats: Cycle

I became an instructor because I want to spread the joy cycling brings to me to other people. With good music and a great workout, I believe anything is possible!   

Emily is a Sophomore.



Formats: Cycle 

Over the years so many people have told me that I've inspired them to either be an instructor, take their fitness to the next level, or they were just too intimidated to step into the group ex room and I helped overcome that fear. Fitness is fun and shouldn't feel like a chore. The group exercise room should feel like a place where you can make friends, lose weight, get fit, be a part of a team, set goals, show off your new sneakers.


Formats: Zumba

I am a recent graduate of the University of Delaware and engineer in Wilmington, who lives by the motto "you can have fun while getting a great work out." 


Formats: BODYPUMP, UD Cycle, HIIT and Butt's N' Guts instructor

After years of taking fitness classes in graduate school and as an employee, an instructor approached me and said "I think you'd make a great instructor".  I had wanted to teach for so long but didn't have the courage to try.  She gave me that push and helped me turn my passion for personal fitness into a passion for sharing it.

Jaime is  an employee at the Delaware Geological Survey.


Formats: BODYPUMP and Cycle 

I became an instructor because I loved the way fitness made me feel inside and out and I wanted the chance to be able to share that passion with others. I enjoy the opportunity to challenge and inspire others every class.

Jo is the Fitness Coordinator for UD Recreation.


Formats: Cycle and BODYPUMP 

What I like most about teaching is the ability to get people to ENJOY wellness. It doesn't have to be a chore to go to the gym or workout. It can be fun.

Josh is an ED Resident Physician at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.


Formats: Yoga

I became an instructor because after experiencing the endless benefits as a result of practicing yoga, I knew I needed to share the gift of yoga to more people. Yoga changed my life and I hope that one day I  can introduce yoga into someone's life who needs it.

Madeline is a Sophomore, International Business major. 


Formats: Pilates, Yoga and Yogilates

I started my yoga journey over 10 years ago. I was a cross country runner and totally inflexible. I never thought I would touch my toes, but with practice and patience anyone can do yoga! I love seeing my students progress each week, and seeing that "Aw-ha!" when their bodies and minds align to nail the perfect pose!

Makenzie is a full-time student in the MBA program with a major in Business Analytics. She is a part-time virtual project manager. 


Formats: Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Step

I like to incorporate some toning elements that'll for sure make you sore the next day. I love that Zumba is a workout that is always changing and guarantees a smile.

Mikayla is a Senior, Elementary Education major with a concentration in Special Education. 


Formats: Cycle

The thing I love most about coaching is making the personal connection. Even in group fitness, there is so much opportunity to make connections and motivate an individual through their fitness goals.

Mike is a UD alum and small business owner. 


Formats: Booty Barre, Barre, Zumba

I became an instructor because I always had a passion for teaching and fitness, so why not combine the two? I can’t wait to see you all in my class!

Paige is a graduate student studying Exceptional Children and Youth. She earned her bashelor's degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Middle School Math from UD.


Formats: UD Cycle, BODYPUMP

I like being able to help other work on their fitness goals no matter what they are, through a fun, challenging and supportive group fitness format. I love being able to challenge others while I challenge myself in the process. Providing a safe and open environment where we can all work together in bettering ourselves is my number one goal.

Patrick is a Senior, Elementary Education major at UD.




Formats: Yoga

I am a sophomore double majoring in Communications and French. As a former dancer, I naturally transitioned into yoga after discovering its magic. I completed my 200 hour Teacher Training at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia, giving me a firm traditional background in Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga. I combine this knowledge with my experience in dance to create beautiful, energizing, and invigorating flows. Connecting breath with movement, you will leave feeling healed and restored - mind, body, and spirit.


Formats: Cycle, HIIT, Butt's N' Guts, BODYPUMP and Pilates instructor

Fitness classes provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to perform desired behavior through observation and modeling. I became an instructor to assist and motivate others toward a healthful lifestyle that includes resistance training and aerobic exercise.

Serita is a UD Health Profession Advisor and graduate student pursuing her masters in Health Promotion.


Formats: Pilates and Barre

I love the open-mindedness and energy that students bring to class. I also enjoy encouraging students to develop an awareness of their form and breathing through exercise, and observing the positive impact on strength and posture that develops through dedicated practice.


Formats: BODYPUMP, Cycle and Morning Mobility 

I became an instructor because I enjoy inspiring others to exercise. Fitness is a major part of my life and it gives me pleasure to get others enthusiastic about fitness classes.

Sue is a Professor in Plant and Soil Sciences at UD.


Formats: Yoga 

I was a competitive gymnast growing up, however due to injury had to retire and found yoga to heal my body and mind. Since then, I became a certified yoga instructor in power, vinyasa, and slowburn yoga in 2015. To me yoga is more than a practice, it is a community, a safe place, as well as a workout.

Tess is a Senior, Economics and International Relations major with minors in Spanish and Women's Studies.


Formats: Cycle

The thing I love most about teaching is pushing people to their limits in a fun and energetic environment that makes them leave feeling better than when they came in.

Tessa is an undergraduate student pursuing her bachelors degree in Neuroscience.


Formats: Zumba and Hip Hop HIIT

There is nothing better than sharing a great workout with a class of amazingly motivated group exercisers! Group exercise is such a welcoming and social environment for all fitness levels. It brings a fun aspect to fitness that makes people ten times more motivated to get to the gym. Working in that environment is such a rewarding experience!

Victoria is a Senior pursuing her degree in Chemical Engineering.