Intramural Champions - 2009/2010

FALL 2009
Men's Blue Mike Knauss is a Townee
Men's Gold Wilkin's Warriors
Men's White Wake Me Up Before You Throw Throw
Coed Dirty Dogs
Outdoor Soccer
Men's Blue Bill Taylor
Men's Gold Newark United
Men's White Soccer Junkies
Coed Blue Team Bruce
Coed Gold Fermaldaherd
Coed White Dixie Three
Flag Football
Men's Blue Mo' Fire
Men's Gold Bills
Men's White Yuengling
Coed Kiss My Pass
Men's Blue Case of the Hits
Men's Gold Nothing Special
Coed Blue H1NFun
Coed Gold Halfskies
Coed White Erin Fry
Women's Dream Team
3on3 Soccer
Men's Blue Galatans
Men's Gold Applesauced
Men's White No Jackson
Coed Blue Briefcase Full of Guts
Coed Gold He Passes to the Man
Coed White Ravenous Ducklings 1
3on3 Basketball
Men's Blue Wolfpack
Men's Gold Dr. Teeth
Men's White Truth
Coed Formaldeherd
Women's Diamond Nation
Swim Meet
50 Free Women's

27.12 01-02

50 Free Men's 23.84 01-02 Steven Monioudis
50 Back Women's 31.09 05-06 Meredith Miller
50 Back Men's 31.51 07-08 Rich Hobbs
28.84 NR
50 Breast Women's 36.98 08-09 Meredith Miller
50 Breast Men's 30.53 01-02 Rich Hobbs
50 Fly Women's 30.06 05-06 Meredith Miller
50 Fly Men's 27.40 04-05 Rich Hobbs
21.70 NR
100 Free Women's 1.10.34 04-05    
100 Free Men's 55.64 06-07 John Ryan
100 Back Women's 1.12.37 05-06    
100 IM Women's 1.07.21 05-06 Meredith Miller
100 IM Men's 1.04.43 03-04 Rich Hobbs
200 Free Men's 2.18.60 06-07    
200 Back Men's 2.31.40 03-04    
200 Medley Women's 2.34.78 04-05    
200 Medley Men's 2.12.95 06-07    
200 Medley Coed 2.12.71 05-06    
200 Free Relay Women's 2.08.34 03-04    
200 Free Relay Men's 1.48.45 06-07 Matt Restaino, John Ryan, Mike Roman, Dan Ruhlman
200 Free Relay Coed 1.58.28 05-06  
500 Free Women's 5.56.21 05-06  
500 Free Men's 5.29.89 08-09  
Mile Men's 27.34.78 03-04  
Most Laps 92 03-04
Men's Team Pasta
Winter 2010
Men's Blue Garden State
Men's Gold Sig Ep
Coed Rick Walsh and the Talent
Indoor Soccer
Men's Blue Mandingos
Men's Gold I Love Knarr
Men's Blue Annexation of Puerto Rico
Men's Gold Bump Set Skeet
Men's White Team Weiner
Women's Notorious DIGs
Coed Gold You Got Served
Coed White Zumba
4on4 Court Dodgeball
Open Sig Ep
Spring 2010
Men's Blue ICE
Men's Gold Unstoppable
Men's White Points in the Paint
Coed Blue Jeff Kinney is Pale
Coed Gold Little Giants
Coed White Diamond Nation
Women's Formaldeherd 1
Men's Blue Bettayettas
Men's Gold Diesal
Men's White Horseshoe
Women's Black Biscuit
Coed Blue Wally World
Coed Gold Spikeaholics
Coed White Walking Wounded
Indoor Soccer
Men's Blue Bill Taylor
Men's Gold Les Loco Conejos
Coed Gold Newark Townies
Coed White Googenheimers
Men's Blue Aaron Yamamoto
Men's Gold Master Batters Alex
Men's White Dutch Ovens
Coed Blue No Girls Allowed
Coed Gold Cat Fanciers
Coed White Harry D Cups
4on4 Court Dodgeball
Men's Blue Team Awesome
Men's Gold Sarge's Heroes
Men's White Pink Panthers
Coed Unimolecular Elimination
Outdoor Volleyball
Men's Blue Sixpacked
Men's Gold We Dig Balls
Coed Blue Bronihilation
Coed Gold Kings of the Court
Coed White Quantum Field Fury