Club Women's Lacrosse

The University of Delaware Women’s Club Lacrosse team is a Division one competitive lacrosse team in the Mid Atlantic  Women’s Lacrosse League (MAWLL). There are currently 17 players on the team but usually have a full team of 25 to 26 eligible players. We are proud to say that we are currently the defending Division One National Champions and are determined to defend our first national title in the upcoming season. We are a player coached team that values input from all members, self- accountability, and a strong love and passion for the game. While we are an extremely competitive and dedicated team we are focused on fostering an environment of fun and creativity that values team dynamic and chemistry above all else.



  • We require that each player provided their own equipment (stick, eye gear, mouth guard)


Practice Information

  • We typically practice 2 time a week in the evening during the Fall semester and three times a week in the evening during our main season in the Spring semester.
  • We are a tournament team and typically travel to others schools for 2 weekends to play games in the Fall and a few more in the Spring.