Club Golf

Spirit of the Game

This club is about simply enjoying the game of golf with friends. Our focus is to always have fun, our abilities in competition and therefore better our skills as competitive golfers. This club is open to men and women.

Organizational Meeting(s)

See our Website, below.


There's no limit to the roster, resulting in no tryouts.

Practice Information

Practices are held at Deerfield Golf and Tennis Club in Newark, DE. They take place mid-afternoon Mon-Thurs. Golfers can come every day, or just once in a while. Practices are very laid back, sometimes we play a few holes; other days we work on the driving range. The players choose which they prefer that day.

National and/or Regional Affiliation

Members of the Collegiate Golf Alliance.

Membership Requirements

To practice or compete you must know how to play golf. If you don't know how but would still like to learn, you can still join, even take a leadership role.

Equipment Required

It's required that you have your own clubs. It would be great if you had a car, but if not there's usually a ride easily found.