Club Men's Ultimate Disc


We are a competitive club ultimate disc team in the Ultimate Players Association (UPA). Each game is self-officiated and players will make their own calls (e.g. fouls, out-of-bounds, picks, travels, etc.). We currently do not have a limit to our roster and are always open to new players. If you would like to join at any point during the year you can contact our president (info below) and he will help you with whatever you’d like to know. The team divides into an A and B team that allows both to be competitive. The A team will have tryouts in the fall but for those who do not wish to play for the A team, or those who are not selected, are encouraged and welcomed to the B team. The first tryout/practice for the 2017/2018 season will be September 2nd at 12:30pm. You can learn more at Club Sports Night Tuesday, August 29th from 6pm – 8pm.



  • Members must provide their own cleats, athletic shorts, and t-shirts
  • Members must pay dues (ranges from $20-$50)
  • Members must pay for their own jerseys
  • Members must attend as many practices and games as possible depending on their class schedule


Practice Information

  • We typically have 3 practices throughout the week in the evening
  • We will participate in 3-6 tournaments throughout each semester that may require us to travel and stay overnight (members do not pay for hotels)