Club Sailing


Both beginners and competitive racers are welcome to join! We will teach beginners the basics of sailing, racing rules and on-the-water etiquette with our fleet of Flying Juniors. Experienced racers can compete in many MAISA (Mid Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association) regattas up and down the eastern sea-board.



  • Members are required to attend at least one practice a week between Monday and Thursday.
  • Members are required to attend the General Membership Meeting, the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm.  
  • No equipment is necessary, although it is encouraged to bring a bathing suit, towel and a change of clothes 
  • All members will have to pass a swim test of 5 minutes treading water, as well as swimming a distance of 50 meters.
  • The Race Captain will choose members to compete based off of experience, availability and other factors. 


Practice Information

  • We compete the first half of the fall semester and the second half of the spring semester
  • While in season we have practice every Monday - Friday, weather permitting. 
  • We meet at 3:15pm at the Morris Library parking lot and arrive back on campus no later than 7pm
  • We practice at the Northeast River Yacht Club, which is located on the upper Chesapeake Bay, 80 Bayside Dr, North East, MD 21901




Fall 2017 Regatta Schedule:

             September 9-10 Cornell (Alternate)

             September 23-24 Central Fall Qualifier 

             September 30-1 Women's Open @ Princeton

             October 7-8 Home Regatta

             October 14-15 Webb (Alternate)

             October 21-22 WAC Fall Open