Lead Climbing Regulations

We are happy to teach interested climbers about "lead" climbing. This is a more advanced method of climbing, which requires more training, more practice, and more dedication. It also involves learning the "other end" of the rope (literally) as a lead belayer. There is a progression to become "certified" to lead in the rock gym. See an instructor about beginning this process.

Basic Regulations

A climber may not lead climb until they have been certified by UD senior climbing staff. You will be given a card as proof of certification.

To begin the lead climber series one should be able to skillfully climb a 5.10 on top rope

Certification requires

  • Completing the orientation
  • Scoring 100% on a written quiz
  • Satisfactory demonstration of lead climbing and lead belaying techniques.

A list of certified lead climbers will be kept on file in the climbing gym.

Orientation begins by learning this information.