January 6, 2014 Lacrosse Season and Single Game Tickets On Sale
January 30, 2014 Football Season Ticket Renewal E-mails Sent
February 7, 2014 Football Season Ticket Renewal Mail Sent
March 28, 2014 Football Tickets and Parking Payment Due in Full (Or Enrollment in UD Payment Plan)
April 4-25, 2014 Football Upgrade and Additional Seat Requests Processed
May 2014 Basketball Season Ticket Renewal Sent
May 3, 2014 Football Spring Game and New Season Tickets On Sale
Late May 2014 Football Parking Allocated By Blue Hen Club Giving Level
June 30, 2014 Football UDAF Donation Due (If Applicable)
July 2014 Football Away Game Ticket Order Forms Sent To Season Ticket Holders
July 2014 Volleyball Season Tickets On Sale
July 28-31, 2014 Football Single Game Ticket Presale - Season Ticket Holders Only
August 2014 Football Season Tickets and Parking Mailed
August 1, 2014 Football Single Game Tickets On Sale
August 30, 2014 Football Season Opener at Pittsburgh
TBD Basketball   Season Ticket Renewal Deadline
TBD  Basketball  Upgrade and Additional Seat Reqeusts Processed 
 TBD Basketball  Season Tickets On Sale 
 TBD Basketball  Single Game Tickets On Sale 
 Late October 2014 Basketball Season Tickets Mailed