Hannah Jardine (St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada/O'Donel) has found her groove for the women's basketball team during her sophomore campaign and currently leads the Blue Hens with 7.2 rebounds per game in addition to 46.2 three-point and and 89.3 free throw percentages in 34.9 minutes played. The forward and her teammates return to the Bob Carpenter Center this evening to face off against Hofstra University.

1.     What is your major?
Mechanical Engineering
2.     What are you career aspirations?
I would like to work in the engineering field for a few years but aspire to eventually go to med school.
3.     Three words to describe yourself?
Funny, determined, kind
4.     Most memorable moment as a member of the Blue Hens?
Beating Towson last year in conference play. It was the best game I had played during my freshman year and it was a great win for our team. Everyone stepped up and we ended up winning on the road by 20. It was also the first game in our six game win streak last season.
5.     The best nickname on the team?
We don’t have too many nicknames on our team. The coaches sometimes call me Hannah Banana. We call Erika Brown, "E," that’s probably the most common one.
6.     Who is the funniest on the team?
Alexis Sears, her impersonations of our team and coaches are absolutely hilarious.
7.     What do you like to do on your spare time?
I’m a TV fanatic so I definitely spend spare time catching up on my shows. I also like hanging out with my friends.
8.     Favorite meal?
I love my family's cooking, my dad’s steak and my mom’s lemon pasta is the absolute best.

9.  If you had one wish, what would it be?
To fly my 87-year-old Nan down to Delaware to see one of my games. She says she is going to come down when I graduate but I’d love for her to see us play. She watches all of our games on her computer at home.
10.     Who is your favorite musical artist?
Jack Johnson and The Lumineers
11.  What is your game-day playlist?
I have to throw in some Taylor Swift, shake it off.
12.  What’s one song or artist on your iPod that nobody would know?
Great Big Sea is a popular band at home, I don’t think anybody I know in Delaware would have ever heard of them. They are a Canadian rock folk band from Newfoundland.
13.  What superpower would you want, or what superhero would you want to be?
I would like to have super quickness, I think that would probably help me out on the basketball court. If I could pick a superhero I think I would want to be the female version of Spiderman.
14.  What is your favorite vacation spot?
We went on a family cruise vacation a couple of years ago and visited Labadee, Haiti. The water was the clearest I had ever seen in my life, it was beautiful.

15.  Your all-time favorite movie?
You’ve Got Mail and Serendipity
16.  What cartoon character would you be?
Probably Daffy Duck, I think we’re both pretty sarcastic.
17.  What are your biggest pet peeves?
When people don’t say thank you, this might be because I’m Canadian.
18.  Favorite TV show or program?
The Bachelor and Grey’s Anatomy
19.  What are three things that are on your bucket list?
          a)    Represent my country at the Olympics
          b)    Travel to Greece
          c)     Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef
20.  Do you have any pets?
I am allergic to pretty much everything with fur, but I have a gold fish named Bubbles.
21.  What is your favorite cereal?
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
22.  Favorite toy as a kid?
My Arthur memory game and my cabbage patch doll, “Selena”

23.  Any hidden talents?
I have been able to play the piano since I was five and I also used to compete in figure skating and ballet when I was younger.
24.  Favorite class?
My favorite class so far has been my Math 243 class that I took over the summer.
25.  Any superstitions?
I’ve tried not to have too many superstitions on game days in case anything changes but I always have to make sure my shoes are tied tight during the game. I think I probably end up tying them a ridiculous amount of times every game.
26.  Dream date?
My dream date would probably be doing anything outdoors, I love hiking when I’m home in the summer. Also going to a game would be pretty cool.
27.  Dream Car?
I don’t really know too much about cars but I would like to have a Porsche.
28.  Who would you trade places with for the day?
I would like to trade places with Emma Watson. I think she is a super cool person who is a great advocate for young adults. Hermione was also my favorite character in Harry Potter so I think it would be awesome to be the person who played her and I’ve always wanted to have a British accent.