Nickname: Maddy
Sport: Cross Country
Hometown: Cherry Hill, N.J.
Major: Civil Engineering



Three words to describe yourself?  Active, caring, ambitious.

Do you room with athletes? What's that like?  I don’t, but I’m at my teammates’ houses so often that it’s like I live with them sometimes.

What part of campus do you live on?  I live on East Campus but sometimes it feels like I live on South Campus.

What is a fun fact about yourself?  When I was younger I modeled Halloween costumes.

Where is the coolest place you've traveled?   Israel – I went this summer and it was the most incredible place I’ve ever been.

Favorite TV show or program?  How I Met Your Mother, I think I’ve watched the entire series 5 or 6 times at this point and it still doesn’t get old.

What is your guilty pleasure TV show?  Keeping up with the Kardashians

What do you like to do on your spare time?   I try to read but lets be honest, I don’t have that much spare time.

Favorite Holiday?  Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New year)

Who is your favorite musical artist?   The Beatles

Are there any songs you know all the lyrics to?  Every song on my running playlist that I made when I was in 7th grade (it hasn’t changed)

Celebrity Crush?   Zac Efron

Any hidden talents?  I can make that clover thing with my tongue

What are three things that are on your bucket list?  Go to Australia, travel to an underdeveloped country and create a water system or a road system for their people, see the Olympics.

Do you have any pets?  I have Cockapoo named Libby

Dream job?  Designing sports stadiums

What reality show/ game show would you go on?  The Voice, but only to give the coaches a laugh. I seriously can’t sing, ask my roommates.



What meme describes your life the most?   Anything that says “Cool Story, Bro” because I am a horrible storyteller, anytime anyone tells a bad story, the team calls it a “Maddy Story."

What social media platform are you most active on?   Probably Instagram, but I don't post that often.

What is your favorite emoji?  😍

What is your favorite Snapchat filter?  The one that makes you look like you’re frowning even if you try to smile

If you could design an app, what would it be?   An app that told me what to make for dinner with whatever is in my fridge.



Who would you like to trade places with for a day?   Usain Bolt

If you could describe your life as a movie what movie would it be?  She’s the Man because I used to practice with the boys track team in high school

What actor or actress would you want to play you in a movie about your life?  Blake Lively

If you were an animal which one would you be and why?  I couldn’t think of one so I asked my teammate, Angie Spadaccini, and she told me I would be a turtle. Her explanation was “I don’t know why, I just see it.”

If you were a DJ, what would your name be?  DJ Feel The Berm

If you could live in any decade, which would you choose and why?  I’d say the 80s just because everyone wore leggings all the time

If you had one wish, what would it be?  To find the Jim Halpert to my Pam Beasley, they are goals.

What superpower would you want, or what superhero would you want to be?  I think I would want to be able to teleport so that I could avoid the bus system.

What cartoon character would you be?   Tommy Pickels

Talent you would most like to have?   I wish I could draw; my stick figures are an embarrassment.


Most memorable moment as a member of the Blue Hens?  Every year the cross country team takes pictures for a team holiday card in our uniforms on the steps of Memorial. Every year has been fun just taking the pictures but I will never forget the confused looks on peoples’ faces when they walked by us running around in tank tops in the beginning of December.    

Any superstitions?  I always eat dessert the night before a race. My teammate, Liz McGroarty, also braids my hair before every race.

What do you and your team do to get students to go to your meets?  We spread the word among our friends and classmates. I try to tell them to come because we race up at White Clay Creek State Park in the fall and it’s just a really pretty place to go see that’s so close to campus.

What is your game-day playlist?  A mixture of random songs that I love, specifically some Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Shwayze, and the Beatles.

Any pre-meet traditions?  Before our home cross-country meets, the captains have pasta parties at their houses. They are always so fun because we get to bond as a team and when I lived on campus it was really nice to get a home cooked meal.

What was the best advice ever given to you?   My high school coach always told me on days where I was struggling in a run or a workout to just take a deep breath, think back to why I started running, and try my hardest to just enjoy it. As crazy as it sounds, it helps me to this day.

Compiled by Lauren Crudele, Athletics Media Relations Student Intern