NEWARK, Del. -- The University of Delaware Department of Athletics is excited to launch the new and improved The website is now mobile friendly for the first time in history, allowing access from any device, anywhere, at any time.
The website has several other new and improved features including:
     ·    Event schedule bar
     ·    Fresh new design
     ·    Refreshed content
     ·    Improved organization
     ·    Higher emphasis on videos and visuals
     ·    Customized Recreation webpage
     ·    New social media walls
The new web presence is built off of research and data to ensure it will best meet the needs of visitors. In particular, there were more than 500 responses to a user survey that was conducted in April 2017 and feedback was incorporated into the design of the revamped website.
Within the new site, outdated pages have been removed or archived and some pages have been combined or revamped to provide the best information to the visitor. Any users with a bookmarked page should be redirected to the corresponding new page with the most relevant content. Additionally there is a new main menu navigation based on feedback from users that aims to allow visitors to find information they need quickly and accurately. We encourage you to review the FAQs below for further detail.
As with every website relaunch, there will likely be bugs and glitches as the department works through the kinks of a new website. We thank you for your patience as we work through this transition. In the meantime, if you have any immediate technical issues please contact the Athletics Communications department at
The Department of Athletics thanks you for your continued support of the Blue Hens family and we especially thank all of those who took the time to solicit feedback on the website user survey earlier this year. We look forward to continuing to grow and evolve to best serve our student-athletes and the entire Delaware community. GO HENS!
Basic FAQs
Why does look discombobulated?
Please clear your cache and web history prior to July 19, 2017 to view the updated website.

What's so great about this new website?

For the first time in history, is mobile-friendly! Information will be more easily accessible to anyone from anywhere, whether via mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. We are also taking a new approach to the website that is driven by the needs of our users with the hope of creating a better virtual experience. We have reorganized our menu, content and look and feel based on user feedback from the survey in April 2017. Outdated content has been removed and new content has been added to better capture the momentum and state of our current athletics program.
Why did we need a redesign?
Redesigns typically occur every 3-5 years in order to keep up with the latest technology and provide the best user experience possible. The last website redesign for occurred in 2013. Data and user surveys pointed to issues with the lack of mobile access, as well as user frustration with the inability to navigate to and/or find information on the website. Feedback also pointed to the desire for a more modern look and feel that reflects the current momentum of the athletics department and in addition to requests for more content that celebrates the Blue Hens family at large.
What other new features does the website have?
The athletics department is excited to announce several new helpful features in line with feedback from our user survey in April 2017:
     ·   New game schedule bar located conveniently at the top of the website for easy access
     ·   Modern look and layout that reflects the momentum and direction of Delaware Athletics
     ·   Improved navigation so users can quickly find and get the information they want
     ·   Customized Recreation webpage for a seamless user experience
     ·   New social media walls highlighting our teams, student-athletes and achievements
     ·   New content series celebrating our student-athletes and extended Blue Hens family
     ·   Emphasis on video and visual content
Why can't I access a page I used to visit?
As a part of this redesign and based on user feedback, our main menu has been updated to better organize and streamline our content. A page you used to visit may have been moved under a new menu so we encourage you to explore and acquaint yourself with the new navigation. Additionally, in every relaunch there will likely be some bugs and glitches. We thank you for your patience as we iron out details in these first few weeks.
Where did a page I bookmarked go?
Some pages have been combined or revamped to provide the best information to the visitor. Old pages that may have been archived should redirect to the corresponding new page the most relevant content. What used to be text may now be displayed as a video, photo or infographic. If you have any concerns or challenges please email  

MEDIA CONTACT: Maggie Hayon, Assistant Athletics Communications Director | | O: 302-831-6389 | C: 302-379-9182