NEWARK, Del. – Less than a month after her hiring, University of Delaware assistant field hockey coach Lynn Farquhar has been chosen to participate in the NCAA Women Coaches Academy, a highly selective program that provides skills training for coaches at all levels.

The academy is designed for women coaches who are ready and willing to increase their individual effectiveness by learning advanced skills and strategies that directly affect their personal and team success.  The participants will learn skills that are not sport specific, yet ones that are relevant and necessary for coaching responsibilities beyond the X’s and O’s.

“This is an amazing opportunity to connect with leaders and passionate coaches from all sports,” exclaimed Farquhar.  “The course will extend beyond tactics and emphasize key components to building life skills, empowering individuals and the intangible keys to championship team building.  It’s truly an honor to be selected to attend and I look forward to bringing back my experiences to the Blue Hens.”

The WCA is additionally designed to give coaches the opportunity to understand their expanding role as a coach, along with perspectives and skills to help them make the most of their situation.  In the company and understanding of other coaches, they will have the opportunity to talk and listen with others to gain support and learn new tools and strategies.

Farquhar is one of 80 female coaches chosen to participate and will travel to Atlanta for the five-day core curriculum at the end of the month.  The academy will include courses on philosophy and fundamentals, management skills, communication strategies and career development.