NEWARK, Del. – With a 3-0-1 record so far this spring, the University of Delaware Field Hockey squad will look to continue their successes as the Blue Hens host seven teams this Saturday, April 13, at Rullo Stadium.

“This weekend will be an exciting one for the Blue Hen Field Hockey program as we host another spring competition day,” remarked Delaware head coach Rolf van de Kerkhof.  “Additionally, we will enjoy a number of events within our program by welcoming back alumni for a social, hockey action and celebration of last year’s season journey during our team banquet.  I am excited to welcome many former and current Blue Hen Field Hockey family members, catch up with all of them and enjoy each other’s company.”

Delaware will host Colonial Athletic Association foe Towson in addition to Bucknell, Columbia, La Salle, Monmouth, Rider and Syracuse.  Additionally, a Blue Hen Field Hockey alumni team will participate in the tournament.

Saturday will open with each team playing 30-minute contests in an 11v11 format, with five-minute breaks between games.

UD kicks off the day with a 10 a.m. contest against Syracuse.  The Blue Hens will follow with an 11:45 game against Columbia and wrap up 11v11 play against Bucknell at 12:55 p.m.  All games will be played on field one at Rullo Stadium. 

In the afternoon, the tournament switch to a 7v7 format with 20-minute games, with a five-minute break between each.

In 7v7 play, UD will play Monmouth at 1:45 on field one, La Salle at 2:35 p.m. on field two with matches following at 3 p.m. against Towson and the Delaware alumni at 3:25 p.m.  A complete schedule is listed below.

“The spring has been a good one for our program as it has allowed all of our players to get valuable minutes of on-field experience, has provided everybody with learning moments and has allowed our 2013 players to start playing more and more as a team,” Van de Kerkhof said.  “As a program, we have taken steps forward regarding our confidence and competitive levels, which is something that I am really proud of and happy about for them.”

Following Saturday’s events, Delaware will travel to Hofstra for the Asics Invitational on Saturday, April 20.  Other schools competing at the tournament in addition to the Hens and Pride include Drexel, Rider and Sacred Heart.

“We look forward to finishing our spring season on a good note at Hofstra’s Invitational,” stated Van de Kerkhof.  “I hope that our players will continue to challenge themselves and develop as individuals and as a team in the coming weeks as they have done in recent months.”

Earlier this spring, Delaware hosted St. Joseph’s and Rider as the Hens defeated the Hawks, 3-0 while finishing with a 1-1 tie against the Broncs.
This past weekend, UD traveled to Rutgers and left with wins against the Scarlet Knights (1-0) and Towson, 6-0.

“This spring, our focus has been on ‘developing individual and team confidence’ and ‘being competitive,’ Van de Kerkhof commented.  “The Blue Hens can look back on a successful spring campaign thus far with individual and team growth, improved performances and an unbeaten record.”

Session I – 11v11 Play
Field 1
10:00   Delaware vs. Syracuse
10:35   Columbia vs. Bucknell
11:10   Syracuse vs. Bucknell
11:45   Delaware vs. Columbia
12:20   Syracuse vs. Columbia
12:55   Delaware vs. Bucknell

Field 2
10:00   Monmouth vs. La Salle
10:35   Rider vs. Towson
11:10   Monmouth vs. Rider
11:45   La Salle vs. Towson
12:20   La Salle vs. Rider
12:55   Monmouth vs. Towson


Session II – 7v7 Play
Field 1
1:45     Syracuse vs. Towson
2:10     Syracuse vs. Rider
2:35     Towson vs. UD Alumni
3:00     Columbia vs. Monmouth
3:25     Syracuse vs. Monmouth

Field 2
1:45     Columbia vs. La Salle
2:10     UD Alumni vs. La Salle
2:35     Delaware vs. La Salle
3:00     Delaware vs. Towson
3:25     Delaware vs. UD Alumni

Field 3
1:45     Delaware vs. Monmouth
2:10     Towson vs. Bucknell
2:35     Rider vs. Bucknell
3:00     La Salle vs. Bucknell
3:25     Columbia vs. Rider

9:00     Delaware vs. Hofstra
9:30     Sacred Heart vs. Rider
10:00   Delaware vs. Drexel
10:30   Rider vs. Hofstra
11:00   Drexel vs. Sacred Heart
11:30   Delaware vs. Rider
12:00   Hofstra vs. Drexel
12:30   Delaware vs. Sacred Heart
1:00     Rider vs. Drexel
1:30     Sacred Heart vs. Hofstra
2:00     3rd Place vs. 4th Place
2:30     1st Place vs. 2nd Place