PHILADELPHIA  -- The University of Delaware women’s rowing team won the Varsity Eights B race, placed second in the Second Varsity Eights competition, and posted three other third place finishes in a quad meet with Drexel, Temple, and Lehigh Saturday on the Schuylkill River.

“We raced hard today, but we know we need to row more efficiently to close the gaps on the competition,” said head coach Kevin Gruber. “We'll go to practice next week focused on cleaning things up. We're looking for a strong string of practices heading into the Murphy Cup next weekend."

The non-scoring meet consisted of six races, including the Varsity Eights, the Second Varsity Eights, two Varsity Fours races, and two Second Novice Eights competitions.

Delaware picked up its lone win in the Varsity Fours B race as the team of coxswain Jamie Noce, Bethany Porter, Kristen Van Iderstine, Danielle Lawler, and Jeannie Kontos rowed to a winning time of 8:21.0 to outdistance runner-up Drexel and Temple.

In the Second Novice Eights race, Delaware placed second with a time of 8:14.32 behind Temple (7:42.25). Delaware’s team consisted of coxswain Kate Sneddon, Sara Afshar, Rebecca Sassone, Kim Lee, Taylor Morgan, Kristina Harmon, Leighann Jones, Kim Abrams, and Lian Cancryn.

The third place finishes came in the Varsity Eights (7:02.1), Second Varsity Eights (7:25.86) Varsity Fours A (8:10.99), and Novice Eights (8:04.34) competitions. Drexel won the Varsity Eights, Second Varsity Eights, Varsity Fours A, and Novice Eights races while Temple won the Second Novice Eights.

Delaware’s Varsity Eights team consisted of coxswain Hayley Diverio, Denise Cirelli, Kat Francis, Jenny Kohler, Catherine Manner, Annie Waskover, Calla Cissel, Hannah Scholes, and Lily Guttentag; members of the Second Varsity Eights crew were coxswain Molly Gardner, Meredith Murphy, Corey Holloway, Shannon Taylor, Angela Quinn, Kate Flood, Danni Weader, Carly Alexander, and Jenn Boone; the Varsity Fours A team was coxswain Sarah Tenenbaum, Megan Kirby, Kathleen Garrity, Shannon Bell, and Sam Noel; and Novice Eights team consisted of coxswain Tatiana Gomez, Meghan Gerber, Kristen Reisor, Olivia Brady, Juli Kyritsis, Laura Peterson, Savanah Wolfson, Taylour Kissinger, and Marisa Gilliatt.


Final Results
Varsity Eights: 1. Drexel, 6:48.16; 2. Temple, 6:55.25; 3. Delaware, 7:02.1; 4. Lehigh, DQ

Second Varsity Eights: 1. Drexel, 7:10.64; 2. Temple, 7:18.40; 3. Delaware, 7:25.86; 4. Lehigh, 7:29.15

Varsity Fours A: 1. Drexel, 7:55.98; 2. Temple, 8:06.31; 3. Delaware, 8:10.99; 4. Lehigh, 8:34.26

Varsity Fours B: 1. Delaware, 8:21.0; 2. Drexel, 8:34.8; 3. Temple, 8:45.9

Novice Eights:1. Drexel, 7:22.82; 2. Temple, 7:33.96; 3. Delaware, 8:04.34

Second Novice Eights: 1. Temple, 7:42.25; 2. Delaware, 8:14.32