Capital Projects

Athletic Facility Project Updates



Turf Practice Fields Project - Anticipated Completion May 2015

The existing fields are currently being replaced this spring with an artificial turf manufactured by Astroturf. The surface will be the same artificial turf that was installed in the field house with inlaid lines for football, women’s lacrosse and men’s lacrosse. This facilitiy will be available to all varsity student athletes as well as club and intramural teams.


Throwers Pit Project - Anticipated Completion May 2015

This spring we will be installing three new throwing cages for the track and field program. Shot put, discus and hammer will each have its own concrete circle, cages and protective netting to meet NCAA requirements. 


Stuart & Suzanne Grant Stadium Project - Completed November 2014


Stuart and Suzanne Grant Stadium was made possible through the generosity of Stuart and Suzanne Grant and serves as the home of Delaware Soccer and Track and Field. The photo above is the new seating and press box at Stuart and Suzanne Grant Stadium. To learn more about this new facility project, click here.  For more photos of the renovation, click here.  For photos of the dedication ceremony and official opening game, click here.


 Bob Hannah Stadium Project - Completed April 2014


 Bob Hannah Stadium is now ready for action as the Blue Hens have started playing on the newly-renovated surface. Here is a story on the opening of the stadium as well as a video from the first weekend. And click here to see a photo gallery of the facility.


Delaware Field House - Completed Fall 2013

The Delaware Field House into a first-class indoor practice facility with an artificial turf surface. Click here to see a photo gallery of the Field House.

Soccer Practice Fields - Completed July 2013

The soccer practice fields were resurfaced with natural grass during the spring and summer of 2013. These photos taken on July 31, 2013, show the completed project. Click here to see a photo gallery of the new fields. 


Stuart and Suzanne Grant Stadium - Outdoor Track - Completed July 2013

Installation of a new all-weather outdoor track in the Stuart and Suzanne Grant Stadium began during the summer. In these photos taken July 31, 2013, the old track surface has been removed, and a new surface will replace it. Click here to see a photo gallery of the new track.


Carpenter Sports Building - Completed August 2013


The Grand Opening was held on August 26, 2013. Here is the news release of the opening as well as a video from that day.