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Class Cancellations 

For all fitness class cancellations due to bad weather conditions or other reasons, please check the Campus Recreation Hours page. Real time updates will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter. You can also subscribe to our email list in the box below.




Fall Fitness Class Schedule

Pursue your fitness goals! Group fitness classes are an excellent way for participants of all fitness levels to stay fit in a fun and motivating environment. There are 44 classes offered each week in formats such as mind-body, strength, dance, cardio, and HIIT (high intensity interval training). All classes are lead by nationally certified instructors to ensure participants get a safe and effective workout. More details.


ORDER UNLIMITED CLASS PASS - valid August 30-February 3



First Year Students: Get Your Fitness Starter Pack!

Get a healthy start to your college career by joining the thousands of blue hens already participating in our group-ex classes every year! This discounted package is for first year students only. Package includes an unlimited class pass (valid for all classes from August 30-February 3) and fitness assessment for $60. 




Top Hen Fitness Challenges

Compete in a variety of fitness challenges for the chance to be named a Top Hen! Bench press and pull-ups are the first challenges. View schedule of challenges, rules, and records here.



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