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Personal Training

A nationally certified Personal Trainer will create an exercise program that is safe and effective, and tailored to meet your specific fitness goals. Each
session is scheduled at your convenience. Sessions take place in either the Personal Training Studio or in the CSB fitness facility.

Student Package Options:

  • Express Session (30minutes) = $15
  • 1 (single) session = $35
  • 5 sessions = $170
  • 10 sessions= $330
  • Spring Break Fit
    • Spring Break may seem far away, but now is the time to start training to rock a healthy beach body. Let one of our nationally certified personal trainers create an effective 4 week training program tailored to your own fitness goals. The program will run from March 2 – March 27. Those completing the program will receive $25 off future personal training packages.

REGISTER - Students


Employee/Staff Package Options

  • Express Session (30 minutes) = $25
  • Single Session (60 minutes) = $45
  • 5 Sessions = $220
  • 10 Sessions = $430

REGISTER - Staff/Employees


Small Group Training (price is split between participants at their own discretion)

This option allows you to obtain all the benefits of Personal Training, but with the added bonus of training with a friend, roommate, or teammate. In order to sign up for this package, you must already have a group of 2-4 people. The fitness program will not match you with a group. It is recommended and encouraged that each person is at the same fitness level and have similar fitness goals in order to train together. Sessions last 45-60 minutes and take place in either the Personal Training Studio or in the CSB fitness facility. Not currently available for employees/staff.

Student Package Options:

  • Single Session (2-4 people, no exceptions) = $45
  • 3 sessions = $125




Fitness Assessment

A fitness specialist will establish baseline levels of fitness by examining your blood pressure, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, girth measurements, and resting heart rate. A computerized print-out with your results will be provided and discussed. A fitness specialist will also review and apply the five components of fitness. This is a great way for you to see where you are starting from, or to measure the results of your training program over time. An exercise design is not included.

  • The cost is $15


Body Fat Testing

  • The cost is $5


How to Purchase:

You can purchase any of these packages throughout the semester. All transactions will take place at the cashier's window of CSB. You may pay by cash, credit, check, and flex. Any questions regarding these services, please e-mail or call 302-831-1578.