FALL 2008
  Men's Blue Squinkers
  Men's Gold Wilkin's Warriors
  Coed Blue Gym Class Heroes
  Coed Gold Harry C
Outdoor Soccer
  Men's Blue SL 18
  Men's Gold Azzuri
  Men's White Nooks
  Coed Blue We Like to Party
  Coed Gold Victorious Secret
  Coed White Flops Chest Hair
Flag Football
  Men's Blue Mojo
  Men's Gold Zig Zags
  Men's White Yuengling
  Coed Blue Kiss My Pass
  Coed Gold 213
  Men's Blue Hit Faced
  Men's Gold Bump Set Skeet
  Coed Blue Sandy Cracks
  Coed Gold Gym Class Heroes
  Coed White Kings of the Court
  Women's TBA
3on3 Basketball
  Men's Blue Garden State
  Men's Gold Alpha Team
  Coed LM
Swim Meet
  50 Free Women's

27.12 01-02 28.30 Jessie Haury

  50 Free Men's 23.84 01-02 24.79 Tim Newton
  50 Back Women's 31.09 05-06 37.50 Allison Altman
  50 Back Men's 31.51 07-08
  50 Breast Women's 37.56 01-02 36.98 Jessie Haury NR
  50 Breast Men's 30.53 01-02 34.60 Tim Newton
  50 Fly Women's 30.06 05-06 36.27 Laura Danberg
  50 Fly Men's 27.40 04-05 29.19 Tim Newton
  100 Free Women's 1.10.34 04-05
  100 Free Men's 55.64 06-07 58.75 James Kersch
  100 Back Women's 1.12.37 05-06
  100 IM Women's 1.07.21 05-06 1.16.67 Jessie Haury
  100 IM Men's 1.04.43 03-04 1.35.75 Ben Toole
  200 Free Men's 2.18.60 06-07
  200 Back Men's 2.31.40 03-04
  200 Medley Women's 2.34.78 04-05
  200 Medley Men's 2.12.95 06-07
  200 Medley Coed 2.12.71 05-06
  200 Free Relay Women's 2.08.34 03-04
  200 Free Relay Men's 1.48.45 06-07
  200 Free Relay Coed 1.58.28 05-06 1.59.63 Laura Danberg, Jessie Haury, Tim Newton, Allison Altman
  500 Free Women's 5.56.21 05-06
  500 Free Men's 5.33.01 07-08 5.29.89 Tim Newton NR
  Mile Men's 27.34.78 03-04
  Most Laps 92 03-04
Winter 2009
  Men's Blue Garden State Brawlers
  Men's Gold Sigma Sanchez
Indoor Soccer
  Men's Blue The Others
  Men's Gold Team Illadelph
  Coed Freddie Adu Me
  Men's Blue Team Blue
  Men's Gold Boss
  Coed Gold Penthouse
  Coed White DDT
4on4 Court Dodgeball
  Men's Gold Trophies
Spring 2009
  Men's Blue Big Doggs
  Men's Gold Steamrollin
  Men's White Catalina Wine Mixers
  Coed Blue Premature Shooters
  Coed Gold Hardwood
  Coed White Fierce
  Men's Blue Cracker Jacks
  Men's Gold Confederacy of Dunces
  Coed Blue Wally World
  Coed Gold Cuban Shuffle
  Coed White Club Basketball
Indoor Soccer
  Men's Blue Bill Taylor
  Men's Gold ELI 1
  Men's White Evil Scientists
  Coed Gold No Explode
  Coed White Gnar Kill
  Men's Blue Aaron Yamamoto
  Men's Gold Toner's Conch
  Coed Blue No Girls Allowed
  Coed Gold Springfield Isotopes
  Coed White Phightin Phils
4on4 Court Dodgeball
  Men's Blue Nooks
  Men's Gold Off Constantly
  Men's White Pink Panthers
  Coed Last Chance
  Campus Champion Off Constantly
Outdoor Volleyball
  Men's Blue Dinosaur
  Men's Gold Hot Fuzz
  Coed Blue We Dig Balls
  Coed Gold Merk Masters
  Coed White TBA
Rock Paper Scissors (36 Women, 119 Men)
  Women's 1st Place Melissa Jefferis
  Women's 2nd Place Morgan Quattrociocchi
  Women's 3rd Place Stefanie Kahn
  Men's 1st Place Cory Taff
  Men's 2nd Place Keith Salerno
  Men's 3rd Place Joseph Natale