Locker Rooms and Lock Rental

Students and employees may use the general locker rooms located on the lower level of Lil Bob. Locks may be checked out with a valid UD ID card from the front desk. Participant's UD IDs are held until the lock is returned.

Locks are also available at no cost for daily, temporary use of lockers. Locks may NOT be left on overnight. Locks left on overnight will be removed along with the contents of the locker. 

Locker Rental


- Lockers in the lower level locker rooms are available to students for $50/academic year. Visit the Lil Bob cashier to purchase or email for more information


- Employees may elect to rent a permanent, passcode protected locker in the employee locker room located on the main level of Lil Bob. If the lockers in this space are sold out, lockers in the general locker room may be rented. New locker rentals can be purchased starting July 1 (subject to availability). The rental year is July-June.

Full-size Locker: $75/year

Half-size Locker: $75/year

Register Employee Wellness Dollars can be used

Laundry Service 

Laundry service is available for an additional fee to all employee locker rentals. Laundry is done twice per day, morning and afternoon, Monday-Friday. The service includes daily washing and machine drying of your items in a mesh bag (provided) and a towel. Clean laundry is returned to a passcode-protected room on the main level for participants to collect at their convenience.