Martial Arts Workout Area Policy

General Rules:

  • Must be 17 years old to use the apparatus.
  • Use at your own risk.
  • No sharp or abrasive objects allowed (please remove all hand,wrist, and ankle jewelry).
  • Martial arts accessories must be approved by the facility manager.
  • No sparring or grappling allowed.
  • Do not jump or hang on the bag apparatus.
  • Personal belongings should be secured in lockers. Gym bags, backpacks, etc. are not allowed in the martial arts area.

Heavy bags:

  • Padded footwear made for kicking heavy bags is required. No regular shoes, boots, sandals, or bare feet.
  • Gloves or hand wraps are required for striking heavy bags.

Speed bags:

Appropriate hand wraps or gloves MUST be worn while using speed bags. Speed bags are not to be hit with anything other than hands; no kicking. Thank you for your cooperation, and have a healthy day.