Editor's Note: The archived blog from the 2013-14 season can be found here.


October 24, 2014

Hello again Blue Hens fans!

It’s about that time to get another season started up and I hope you’re all just as excited as I am!

Since August, when the school year started, up until now, my life has been completely taken over by school work and basketball (you’d think I’d be used to it by now going into my third year lol). Academically, I’ve gotten off to a good start, and really enjoy the classes that I’m taking this semester. Since I’m a junior I’m actually taking courses specifically for my Exercise Science major and they’re all very interesting to me.

On the athletic side of things, we’re already two weeks in to practices! Since October 4, the team and I have been going hard at it in practices and lifts. It’s hard to believe that our first scrimmage is two weeks away and our first game is just about a month away!

The past three weekends on football game days, we’ve had team tailgates. My favorite tailgate by far was during homecoming weekend when we did a team scavenger hunt around the different tailgates at the athletic complexes. We split into three teams of six and we were all given 30 minutes to complete a photo scavenger hunt. The team to get pictures with the most items on the list won! Some of the items on the list were to get a picture with the band, YouDee and Baby Blue, a basketball season ticket holder and President Harker! I was on a team with Erika, Alexis and my sister Alexis. It got pretty competitive and some of the girls’ sneaky/creative side definitely came out. But needless to say it was fun and friendly competition.

Also this past week we had one of my favorite days of the year, picture day! Although we’re taking pictures in our uniforms it gives us a chance to get pretty, made up and look our best for the posters that our lovely fans receive. (: 

Can’t wait to see everybody at the Bob on November 16 as pumped and excited as we will be!


October 20, 2014

Hey Blue Hen fans!! Things are really starting to get exciting over here.  The season is right around the corner and we started official practice last Sunday!  It will be great to finally be able to do a full practice instead of just practicing for an hour which is what we had been doing up until then.  It really helps getting everyone used to playing together more and will help the freshmen and newcomers learn all of the plays! 

Things are not only picking up on the court but in the classroom as well.  This time of year is when time management becomes critical and we really have to learn to balance basketball and school.  Also since my major is exercise science and I am a junior now I have to start thinking about where I want to go to physical therapy school which is exciting and scary at the same time!  I definitely am excited about becoming a physical therapist but that also means that college is almost over and it honestly has been going by so fast! 

I can’t wait to see all you Blue Hen fans at the Bob for our first game!  Go Hens!

October 16, 2014

Hi Blue Hen nation!

I hope you guys have been enjoying the first few weeks of fall, I can’t believe how quickly the semester is passing! It certainly has been busy, as per usual, but I’m really enjoying my classes and having the experience of one year under my belt makes managing my time a little easier.

My favorite class this semester is probably the Macronutrient Concepts class I’m taking. We study the breakdown of different nutrients and how they come together to form some of our favorite foods. There’s actually a lab section to this class, which is awesome because we get to cook and experiment with different recipes to observe which ratio of ingredients or what cooking time will yield the most successful product. So far we’ve made bread, cinnamon rolls, popover, different types of gravies, and cheese! Definately the most fun (and most delicious!) lab I’ve ever taken.

The rapid passing of the semester does mean one exciting thing: it’s almost basketball season! This is especially exciting for me since I am finally fully recovered from my ankle injury and back to practicing and playing with my teammates. It’s been a while since I’ve played, so getting back into it certainly has been a process. Being in our second week of full practices, I’m starting to adjust to the pace of everything and I’m feeling like an athlete again!

While not in class or at practice, my time is largely consumed by schoolwork. I’m taking three labs this semester, and they keep me busy! However, I have found time to hang out with friends, and to enjoy the hot tub at my apartment complex—it has been a great place to warm up with the cold weather we’ve been having.

My older sister’s engagement has been keeping my family and I busy, too. Her fiancé's family threw a huge engagement party for the pair in Boston back in September, which I was lucky enough to attend. It was a ton of fun, and I got to meet all of my future brother-in-law’s family.

A couple weekends after that, I went home to DC to go dress shopping with my sister, my aunt, my mom, and my grandmother. After two days and dozens of dresses, my sister found the perfect gown at the last fitting, and I was so glad I got to be there!

I’ve also gotten to do some really fun things here with my school friends. Last weekend, I went to see the Eagles play the Giants at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philly! I went into the game a Giants fan, and left singing the Eagles fight song, so needless to say it was a pretty awesome experience.

As November quickly approaches, my teammates and I are anxiously awaiting the first game, and counting down the days until our home opener on November 16…I’m sure I’ll see all of you there! GO BLUE HENS.


October 8, 2014

I hope everyone is doing well. We just had our first day of practice this past Sunday and we couldn't be more excited for the season! It is going to be an exciting year with the returners and four freshmen.

Preseason is over so now we are practicing every day as well as having class every day. It is always a tough transition going from preseason when we are only running and lifting to the season where we are practicing every day as well as lifting three days a week.

Classes are going well. I am now finally into my "major" courses, which are awesome.

I haven't had much free time between school and practice starting, but I was able to go to the movies and see Gone Girl last weekend with Steph, Alecia, and Hannah. It was a great movie!

Can't wait to see everyone November 16th for our first game at the BOB! Go Blue Hens!!!


August 11, 2014

Hey Blue Hens Family!

Hope you’ve all been doing well, I know it’s been a very busy summer for us here at UD!  Most of the team has been on campus since June practicing, taking classes and working and we were very excited to welcome the freshmen to campus mid-July.  It’s so odd to think that I was in their shoes just three short years ago and will soon be out in the ‘real world’ but I have really enjoyed getting to share my experiences with them and hopefully help ease their transition into college life and basketball.  I’ve had an extra dose of basketball in my life these last few weeks as I’ve been playing in a summer league right outside of Philly with players from other colleges which has been a great experience as it’s given me the chance to continue developing my game in a competitive setting!

Besides basketball I’ve been working in the Office for International Students and Scholars which has given me the chance to learn a little bit about the requirements international students need to maintain their legal status in the country as well as the programming available for them on campus. Working with international students has opened my eyes to the unique challenges faced by their community and has also given me the chance to learn about different cultures from my fellow Blue Hens. 

It hasn’t been all work for me this summer as I’ve been taking little day-cations the past few weekends and catching up with family and friends.  My mom and I spent one Friday out in Delaware City exploring Fort Delaware and learning about the historical significance of the state and the fort in particular.  The staff does a great job portraying what life would have been like in 1864 and is dedicated to maintaining their characters while answering questions when they are ‘hats on’ (‘hats off’ means they were back with us in 2014).  One of my classmates happened to be working there when I went and he physically took off his hat when he was talking to me so that he would not be the Union soldier he was portraying!  My favorite activity at Fort Delaware was by far the blacksmith workshop as Willis (or as he is known in 1864, Esau) helped me to forge an s-hook that I kept.  

The following Friday I met up with my dad and younger sister, Charlotte, in New York City and we got dinner outside Madison Square Garden and then went to the Ten Times Crazier concert to see Blake Shelton and the Band Perry perform.  I LOVE country music and it was awesome to attend my first country concert in MSG, a place I usually associate with sports!  The concert was great and as you might expect of a country concert, being held in the Big Apple there was some great people watching to be done as well.

I drove back to UD after that and had a quick turnaround as I meet up with some friends to go to Lewes Beach the next morning.  Even though it wasn’t ideal beach weather we had a blast catching up with one another, shopping at the outlets and exploring the first city of the first state! The dreary weather didn’t keep my friends and me from having lots of laughs, taking tons of pictures and really just enjoying being around one another.

This past week I worked at our team’s basketball camp and it was so much fun seeing all of our young fans and future Blue Hens working on their game.  My drill group decided to go against the grain and when the rest of the camp had a white out, came dressed in all black so they definitely stood out from everyone! We had a great group of girls at camp and I unfortunately missed championship Friday with them as I left Thursday night for Orlando.  While down in the Sunshine State I visited my sister, Chelsea, at her new internship at Disney, met my cousin’s newborn son, Cooper, celebrated my mom’s birthday and oh yea, celebrated my 21st birthday!!  I am so glad I got to see so much of my family before my senior year starts as I expect this upcoming year will be action-packed and eventful!

August 4, 2014

Hey Everybody!

Hope you’re all having a good summer! I’ve had a great two months so far.

After school ended in May, I returned home to Newfoundland for the month of June. I was so happy to be able to spend some time with my family and friends. I got home just in time for my uncle’s retirement party. He was the St. John’s Fire Chief and a lot of my family had flown home for the weekend, which was awesome!

I couldn’t get over how tall my sister had gotten! She’s only 11 and she is already almost 5’8"! While I was home I spent a lot of time going on hikes and runs around different parts of Newfoundland. Even though the weather had gotten a lot warmer there were still huge icebergs all around the island, which were really cool to see. I also got to help my Nan move into her new apartment in Trepassey!

On July 3, my family and I left Newfoundland and headed to New York for a family vacation. We stayed there for a couple of days before getting on our cruise. While in New York we got to see a Broadway show and visit Central Park for the first time. We also got to see the Forth of July fireworks, which were incredible! 

After a few days we got on our cruise, which was headed to Bermuda. I had so much fun on board with my family. The weather was great and there was so much to do. My dad (who has coached me since I was in first grade) and I even played basketball on the top deck of the ship! When we got to Bermuda we went to Horse Shoe Beach for the day, which was amazing and then played a mini golf game the next day.

My family and I arrived back in Delaware just in time for me to start my summer class and workouts. I am taking my final calculus course this summer. While in Delaware my family helped me move into my new apartment and got me all settled before they headed back home. I loved spending so much time with them and we had a great summer vacation.

I also got to go to the state fair with Courtni a week ago. This was my first state fair and I couldn’t get over how much there was to do there! It was a great experience.  (Yes, I even held a baby chick.)

Now that I’m back in Delaware I’ve been training really hard with the team as we have lift/conditioning workouts and individuals with the coaches going on throughout the week. As the second summer session is coming to an end our team is more excited then ever for next season and we can’t wait to see you all at the games!

Until next time!


July 29, 2014

Hey!  My summer has been great so far. In the first session I took a Spanish class that I really enjoyed. In high school I took three years of spanish so it wasn't too difficult. The best thing about summer classes are the class size. They are so small which gives you the opportunity to work with the professor more one on one. I had 9 students total in my class and it was cool because we got the chance to get to know one another better as well.

First session workouts are officially in the books! The freshman were not on campus yet but we still worked hard with all who was here.

At the end of first session I was able to take a vacation with my family to Las Vegas. We all went to support my brother in the NBA summer league. I really enjoyed watching him play all week since he has been in Italy for the past year playing. I also got the chance to see the wonderful city. It really is a city that never sleeps. Overall I really just enjoyed every second with my family because we rarely are all together because of our busy schedules.

When I got back second session had already started and the freshman were here. They have adjusted well and are working hard! I cannot wait to get to play with each of them this year.

Recently Hannah and I attended the Delaware State Fair and we had so much fun. We had the chance to see different animals and go around and taste different foods provided by the vendors. We also had the chance to ride on a float and go around the whole fair and see everything, it was so much bigger than I thought. I cannot wait to go back next year!

Until next time,


July 17, 2014

Hope everyone is doing well. Everything is going well on our end. We have been working hard all summer and man did the first summer session fly by!

Second summer session just started and I am now taking a class. The freshmen arrived this past weekend so we now have the whole team and we are working together to achieve our goal.

The most exciting thing I've done this summer was spend Fourth of July in Washington DC with a few of my friends. We watched fireworks and they were awesome!

We continue to work hard every day and we are very excited for the upcoming season. Hope you all are as well! Go Blue Hens.

 July 9, 2014

Hey Blue Hen Fans!! These last couple of weeks have been very interesting and fun for me. Two weeks ago, Erika Brown and I were called out to do the cold water challenge called "#Chillin4Charity." My best friend Deidra Smith, who plays for San Diego State University, was the person that nominated me to do this challenge, so of course I had to accept. All the coaches got called out to do the challenge as well so we all did it during camp at the BOB in front of all the campers. The water was absolutely freezing, but luckily it was only one cooler of water compared to the cold tubs that we take that is just a splash. I definitely enjoyed pouring the water on the coaches more than getting the water poured on me.

Since the Fourth of July fell on a Friday this year my sister and I decided to spend the long weekend in Durham, North Carolina where my parents live. My Aunt, Uncle and four of my cousins were also in town so I got to spend some quality time with them at the Fourth of July fair that they have in Raleigh. After we were done at the fair we had a little cookout on the rooftop patio at the building where my mom works, and of course we did what most Americans do on the Fourth and watched the fireworks outside.

The Saturday after the Fourth of July was also an amazing day because my mom, and my sister, my cousin and I went on a Segway tour of Raleigh, North Carolina. I have never rode a Segway in my life so they taught us how to use them for like an hour before we actually went out.  Once we got the hang of it the tour guide took us out and had us riding all around downtown Raleigh telling us about different landmarks and history of the city. The Segways were so fun to ride that I was sad when the tour was over and I had to get off.

I spent the rest of the weekend in NC hanging out with my family watching the World Cup and the Wimbledon. My sister and I didn't leave North Carolina until Monday and went straight from there to Manassas, VA (where I'm from) to get ready for the On the Run Tour in Baltimore. The On the Run tour is the summer concert with Jay-Z and Beyoncé performing together.  I am absolutely obsessed with Beyoncé so you can only imagine how excited I was to be going to this concert.  The concert was AMAZING... I knew pretty much every lyric to every song that was performed and I was singing so loud you would think I was performing.

Now that the weekend is over I'm back in Delaware working out and working as an office assistant at the UD academic center of enrichment.  The summer is flying by but I'm trying to enjoy it while it last.... Hope you guys are enjoying your summer too!!